Where to read Netflix K-drama Business Proposal webtoon

Netflix and SBS have a new K-drama Business Proposal that has been garnering the attention of fans from the very first episode. The popular K-drama is a successful adaptation of the webtoon titled ‘A Business Proposal.’ Check all about A Business Proposal webtoon, episode guide, and where to read it below.

K-drama Business Proposal also boasts a star-studded cast featuring Abyss, Lovers Of The Red Sky, and Dr. Romantic 2 star Ahn Hyo Seop and School 2017 stunner Kim Se Jeong.

So far, the Netflix adaptation of the webtoon has got the approval of readers of the original manhwa as it offers a close semblance with a brilliant cast.

A Business Proposal webtoon teaser image (picture credit – https://tapas.io/ Artwork Narak/ Guava Farm / Perilla)

Who made A Business Proposal webtoon?

The popular webtoon A Business Proposal is written by Guava Farm / Perilla and the quirky artwork is made by Narak. According to the publisher’s site, the webtoon is written based on an original novel by Haehwa.

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Where to read A Business Proposal webtoon for free

Find all the released episodes of A Business Proposal webtoon on Tapas here. To get access to all the free episodes, download the Tapas app.

The first five episodes are free upon downloading the app and signing in. Plus, readers will get to access new free episodes every Tuesday (except the last 32 episodes).

Read the original webtoon on Kakao here.

So far, A Business Proposal has released 108 episodes and over
6.7 million views. The popular webtoon has also surpassed over 195.5k subscribers. Check what happens in the Business Proposal webtoon below.

What happens to Tae Mu and Ha Ri in A Business Proposal webtoon

(Spoilers of the webtoon ahead)

As the webtoon is ongoing (English version), readers will have to wait to know the ending, but so far the thrilling webtoon has not disappointed.

In the webtoon, Tae Mu and Ha Ri get married and even enjoy a sensuous honeymoon together. From a workaholic, Tae Mu turns to a ‘Wife-o-holic,’ he discovers in episode 106!

For the Sunghoon and Young Seo shippers, we come bearing good news as in the webtoon, the duo will get quite cozy and even wedding preparations have begun!

As the Netflix adaptation is closely following the webtoon so far, fans can expect some steamy moments of Tae Mu and Ha Ri going forward but to know the ending, viewers have to wait still.

Loving Netflix and SBS’ Business Proposal? Watch episode 4 on March 8th. Read the original webtoon here.

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