What Happened On March 15 ?

A brand new K-drama series called A Business Proposal is going on whose country of origin is South Korea and the original language of the release is Korean. This K-drama series is made in the genre of romance and comedy. Since its release, the show has attracted a lot of audiences and hooked them every second. Not only one, but the show follows two love stories simultaneously.

The show is directed by Park Sun-ho and is based on The Office Blind Date which is written by HaeHwa. The creators of the show are Kakao Entertainment and StudioS and it is written by Han Sul-hee and Hong Bo-hee.

The show started recently a few days back on February 28, 2022. Since the release, the show has successfully completed its 5 episodes. Recently on March 15, 2022, its 6 episodes got released. Below is all the information you need to know about the show Business Proposal and what happened in the previous episode that is episode 6.

Who All Are a Part of A Business Proposal Episode 6?

A Business Proposal
source: Netflix

Many renowned K-drama actors and actresses are a part of this spectacular series, A Business Proposal. Some are there in the main cast some are recurring artists while some are there as guest appearances. The artists of the main star cast include Ahn Hyo-seop playing the role of Tae-mu, Kim Se-Jeong in the role of Shin Ha-ri, Kim Min-kyu as Cha Sung-hoon, and Seol In-ah in the role of Jin Young-Seo.

Except the main artists, there is Lee Deok-hwa, Choi Byung-chai, Kim Kwang-kyu, Jung Young-joo, Song Won-seok and Bae Woo-hee. Except for them, there are many other actors and actresses as well. In episode 6 as well, almost everyone from the main star cast had a role which made the episode even better.

What Happened In Episode 6?

Just like the previous episodes, episode 6 also proved to be one of the best episodes. It had an amazing storyline with a brilliant direction. As you all know, A Business Proposal follows two love stories simultaneously. Episode 6 was no less than a roller coaster ride for the viewers. In the episode, Shin Ha-ri is not financially stable and struggles about the same.

Seeing her condition, her rich and fulfilled best friend Jin Young-Seo offers her a favor about a blind date. Without a second thought, Shin Ha-ri accepts the proposal and agrees. But guess what, the blind date suitor turns out to be none other than Shin Ha-ri’s own boss.

Seeing this the things turn awkward. Now, Shin Ha-ri has to solve this issue and come up with a solution so that her job doesn’t get affected. It will be fun and interesting to see how Shin Ha-ri will solve this issue in the next episode.

Is There Any Trailer or Preview Available For Episode 6?

For now, any individual trailer or preview for any of the episodes is not released by the official channel yet. But many other different channels on YouTube have released the preview of episode 6. So if you want to get a visual representation of the same, you can head on to YouTube. However, a full-season short trailer got released by the official channel of The Swoon before the show got released. The language of the trailer is Korean but English subtitles are available.

When And Where Did Episode 6 Get Released?

A Business Proposal
source: Tribun Jogja

Episode 6 of A Business Proposal was released on the platform of SBS for the residents of Korea. For the others, it was available on the OTT Platform of Netflix. The date of release was March 15, 2022, Tuesday. The running time of the episode was around an hour is roughly about 60 minutes. Even though the episode got released in Korean but the viewers were able to turn on the subtitles in whichever language they wanted to. A Business Proposal Episode 6 proved to be a great hit and we expect the same from the upcoming episodes too.


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