What are the Top Google searches in the Philippines for 2022?

Another year is ending and on cue, Google Philippines has released its annual Year in Search list of most-searched topics.

The biggest search engine has disclosed several lists, including this year’s top-trending news, sports, television shows and series, movies, song lyrics, game-related, and male and female celebrities.

One of the biggest and most controversial happenings in the country this year was the presidential elections.

Hence, it is no surprise that the overall top trending search of the Filipinos is “Halalan 2022” and also the most searched news item.

Followed by “VaxCertPh” and “precinct finder” ranked number two and three.

For sports, it seems that Filipinos are more curious about NBA (National Basketball Association) than PBA (Philippine Basketball Association).

According to Google Philippines, Golden State Warriors is still a top favorite team in the Philippines as it is part of the top two searches in the category.

Korean zombie apocalypse drama series, All of Us Are Dead, tops the most-searched television shows and series for this year.


It is followed by three other K-dramas: Extraordinary Attorney Woo, Business Proposal, and Alchemy of Souls.

For the category of movies, Disney’s Encanto takes the top spot, followed by Taiwanese horror film Incantation, Marvel’s Eternals, and Netflix romance film Purple Hearts.

Google’s top searched song lyrics are the popular song from a Disney animated film Encanto called “We Don’t Talk About Bruno”, followed by “Sun And Moon” by Anees, “Mahika” by Adie, “Babalik Sa’yo” by Moira dela Torre, and “Easy On Me” by Adele.

In the game-related category, word-game Wordle takes the top spot and play-to-earn game Axie Infinity the second spot.

Meanwhile, basketball star Ricci Rivero and Hollywood actress Amber Heard are listed as top male and female personalities.

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Google also has released a list of top searched losses this year, with Queen Elizabeth II, followed by Filipino actresses Cherie Gil and Susan Roces.


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Here’s the full list of top trending searches on Google in 2022 per category:

Overall Top Trending Searches
1. Halalan 2022
2. VaxCertPh
3. precinct finder
4. Wordle
5. All of Us Are Dead
6. Warriors vs Celtics
7. Ukraine
8. Encanto
9. Axie Infinity
10. Jeffrey Dahmer

1. Halalan 2022
2. VaxCertPh
3. precinct finder
4. Ukraine
5. Monkeypox
7. Gwyneth Chua
8. presidential race update
9. Ethylene Oxide
10. Bagyong Karding update

Male Personalities
1. Ricci Rivero
2. Johnny Depp
3. Park Solomon
4. Tyler Poarch
5. Chris Rock
6. Juancho Hernangomez
7. Ahn Hyo-seop
8. Jordan Clarkson
9. Andrew Garfield
10. Adam Levine

Female Personalities
1. Amber Heard
2. Kris Aquino
3. Deanna Wong
4. Anna Delvey
5. Kate Moss
6. Sofia Carson
7. Xyriel Manabat
8. Cara Delevingne
9. Alba Baptista
10. Bella Racelis

1. Encanto
2. Incantation
3. Eternals
4. Purple Hearts
5. Thor: Love and Thunder
6. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness
7. Turning Red
8. Black Adam
9. More Than Blue
10. Spider-Man: No Way Home

TV Shows or Series
1. All of Us Are Dead
2. Extraordinary Attorney Woo
3. Business Proposal
4. Alchemy of Souls
5. Euphoria
6. Twenty-Five Twenty-One
7. Big Mouth
8. Manifest
9. Our Beloved Summer
10. The Summer I Turned Pretty


Korean Series
1. All of Us Are Dead
2. Extraordinary Attorney Woo
3. Business Proposal
4. Alchemy of Souls
5. Twenty-Five Twenty-One
6. Big Mouth
7. Our Beloved Summer
8. Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area
9. Sh**ting Stars
10. Happiness

1. Warriors vs Celtics
2. Warriors vs Mavericks
3. Heat vs Celtics
4. NBA standings 2022
5. Grizzlies vs Warriors
6. Golden State Warriors vs Boston
7. PBA schedule
8. NBA playoffs
9. NBA draft 2022
10. Deanna Wong

Song Lyrics
1. We Don’t Talk About Bruno
2. Sun And Moon
3. Mahika
4. Babalik Sa’yo
5. Easy On Me
6. Repeat
7. Favorite Girl
8. Pano
9. Angel Baby
10. Paraluman

1. Wordle
2. Axie Infinity
3. Arceus X
4. Razer Gold
5. Tower of Fantasy
6. Jollymax
7. Lost Ark
8. Anime Adventures codes
9. Flyff Universe
10. MIR4

1. Queen Elizabeth II
2. Cherie Gil
3. Susan Roces
4. Aaron Carter
5. Technoblade
6. Shinzo Abe
7. Percy Lapid
8. Kim Mi-soo
9. Yoo Ju-eun
10. Betty White


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