Unveiling The Lesser-Known Facts Of Business Proposal Fame Actor Kim Se-jeong

Kim Se-jeong is the perfect example of versatility. She is a singer, actor,  songwriter, and musical actor. The singer-turned-actor is best known for her Korean dramas ‘I Wanna Hear Your Song’, ‘Business Proposal’, ‘Today’s Webtoon’, and ‘The Uncanny Counter’ season 1 and 2.

Her biggest international success, the K-drama ‘Business Proposal’, which was released in 2022, made her establish herself as a household name globally. She is known for her bubbly and bright personality, which makes her popular on variety shows. She often shows her humorous side and isn’t afraid to be goofy in front of the camera. Explore the unknown facts of Kim Se-jeong’s life that are sure to surprise you. Take a look at some of the lesser-known facts about this star.

1. Kim Se-jeong Was Raised By A Single Mother

Kim Se-jeong was raised in a loving home with her mother and a brother who was older than her, her early years were not without hardship. Her mother, who was the family’s sole breadwinner, had several jobs including tutoring and milk delivery before deciding to focus on her career as an accountant.  Kim Se-jeong had to face a lot of challenges, which helped her develop at a very young age. She then put in extra effort to support her mother by becoming a popular singer and actor. 

2. Kim Se-jeong Was A Member Of ‘I.O.I’ and ‘Gugudan’

‘I.O.I’ also known as Ideal of Idol is a girl group formed by CJ E&M through the 2016 reality show ‘Produce 101’. The band disbanded at the end of January 2017. She then got the opportunity to become a member of Jellyfish Entertainment’s girl group ‘Gugudan’. They achieved commercial success and even had their own television show, web show, and tours, before disbanding in 2020. 

3. Kim Se-jeong Is Fluent In Four Languages 

Along with being a gifted performer, Kim Se-jeong also is multilinguistic. She is proficient in English, Chinese, and Japanese in addition to her native Korean language. Because of this, she can communicate with a large number of followers from across the world because of her fluency in several languages. (Upskill: 5 Ways To Learn A New Language) 

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4. Kim Se-jeong Is Good At Sports And Adventurous Activities 

The actor went viral for her skillful game in Bullseye when she participated in the Idol Star Athletic Championship in 2020. Se-jeong is quite an athlete, having participated in track and field as a child. In addition to the viral video, she displayed her talents in several variety shows, including doing a underwater dive for a survival show and a team bowling championship victory. 

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5. Kim Se-jeong Excelled In Studies 

Kim Se-jeong was an excellent student. She obtained exceptional academic grades before choosing a career in the entertainment sector. After completing her studies in Practical Music at the School of Performing Arts Seoul, she received her diploma. She graduated from Hanyang Women’s University with an associate’s degree in Applied Music (Looking For A Career In Music? These Jobs Pay Good). Her commitment to both music and her studies displays her well-rounded character.


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