Top 5 K-Dramas with Extreme Bromance that we rooted for more than any love angle

It’s the month of August, the season of bonds. Friendship day is approaching, and if you have still not planned a way to celebrate your friendship, we would suggest a ‘Binge and grill’ day out with your buddies. Whether you are a K-drama fan or not, you shouldn’t miss this fabulous K-drama list, which has everything spiced up, no, not in terms of love angle but Bro angle. Enlisted below are the Top 5 K-dramas with extreme Bromance that we have rooted for more than any love story. Check it out.

K-dramas with extreme Bromance:


It’s still hard to get over the fact that few segments of the audience actually chose to neglect the female lead Ji Eun Tak. People are still crazy over the chemistry between the 939-year-old goblin Kim Shin portrayed by Gong Yoo and the Grim Reaper portrayed by Lee Dong Wook. The love-hate relationship they shared is the warmest thing you will feel in the whole K-drama. And if you think you are the Grim Reaper to your Goblin, make them watch it for sure.

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True Beauty 

The way Cha Eun Woo and Hwang In Youp stole the whole limelight from the other leads was just a satisfaction for Bromance rooters. The fans went gaga over their silly flights and clingy affairs to the extent they wanted them to take over a role in BL drama. Can we even blame them? The duo made sure to deliver a goofy and adorable banter in the whole show; they truly deserve a spot here.

Boys Over Flowers

 The iconic classic. Cannot even dare not to mention this cult favorite F4 here. Trust us, every teenager who once watched this K-drama wished to have a group like Gu Jun Pyo (Lee Min Ho), Yoon Ji Ho (Kim Hyun Jong), So Yi Jeong (Kim Bum), and Song Woo Bin (Kim Joon). The 4 of them remained together through thick and thin despite facing differences in their relations. And if you think you have one such group of friends like that, make sure to watch it.

Business Proposal 

Imagine the level of Bromance when Kang Tae Moo (Ahn hyo Seop) and Cha Sung Hoon (Kim Min -Kyu) made their grandpa doubt their relationship. As much as the love story was fun, Business Proposal also showcased an amazing bond between two brothers who do not share the same bloodline and yet are impossible to separate. The duo maintains the perfect professional and personal relationship while juggling in between their love life and loss. Indeed Partner in crime.

Descendants of the Sun

Yes, we were coming there and not going to miss out on something which is very close to every K-drama lover. Song Joong-ki as Yoo Si-jin and Jin Goo as Seo Dae-young is the best pair you will find in K-drama land. Argue us. Who thought a story angle with Soldiers on duty can be so fun? Being each other’s ideal wingmen, they went on double dates while surprising their lovely ladies with plushies and literally forgetting what appendix is.


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