Top 5 2022 K-dramas with satisfying endings: Business Proposal, Little Women and more

Every year K-dramas take one step ahead in becoming some of the most consumed styles of content in the world. With the continuously speeding Hallyu, it has become impossible to ignore the rise of interest in Korean content and the creators are very well aware of their audience’s wants. This has resulted in some of the most satisfying and apt closures for dramas. Here are our top 5 from 2022.

Business Proposal
Ahn Hyo Seop played Kang Tae Moo, the mostly inflexible CEO of a food company. Shin Ha Ri is his employee who ends up on a blind marriage date with him in place of her friends. Acting nothing like herself, the uptight CEO ends up gaining quite an interest in the young lady who is unique, refreshing and a stark contrast to what he would have expected- someone not catering to his demands but being themselves. He pursues her and does his best to gain her love only to find out that he’s been deceived. What follows is a hilarious turn of events as the two fall in love and figure out how to date secretly in their workplace as a boss and an honest employee. The drama has an expected happy ending but the whole cat and mouse chase was a fun watch as it came to a heartwarming end.

Our Blues
An omnibus show, the many stories running their course throughout the 20 episodes received their proper closures by the end. Be it Shin Min Ah and Lee Byung Hun’s characters’ breaking out of their comfort zones and accepting their love. Or Kim Woo Bin and Han Ji Min finding each other and learning to love, without any demands. Or Lee Jung Eun’s letting go of her first love and the hazy thoughts that came with it. At the same time she also gave up on her friendship filled with expectations and instead chose to live without worry. The young couple (Bae Hyun Sung and Noh Yoon Seo) who became parents in their school days received love from all the people of their town and worked hard to fulfill their dreams. Even the tiniest of stories came full circle and made it the best ending of all time.

Twenty-Five, Twenty-One
Nam Joo Hyuk played Baek Yi Jin, the ambitious rookie reporter at 25 years of age. Kim Tae Ri played Na Hee Do, the star fencer who wishes to make her rival, her best friend at 21 years old. The two knew each other for a while and went from strangers to being each other’s confidantes and sources of hope in life. Soon after, once they get into a relationship, things do not remain the same and take a turn for the worse. The heartwarming story turned into one filled with pain and angst. And while many would argue that the leads should have ended up together, we think that it was the most realistic story that portrayed the truth of life- some people are meant to only be a part of it, the brightest one.

My Liberation Notes
It is the story of three siblings in the Yeom household played by Lee El, Lee Min Ki and Kim Ji Won, in that order. They are joined by a mysterious man named Mr.Gu (Son Seok Gu) who ends up working with their conservative and tightfisted father’s furniture business. All three of them struggle with different things in life, the eldest having no luck in her love life. Meanwhile the middle one is desperate for money and all things high-end, only to end up at loss each time. The youngest always has the shortest end of the stick in all places and seeks an out. She wishes for someone to ‘worship’ her and Mr. Gu is not the right one for her, but for so many reasons, he is. They find comfort in each other’s presence and it becomes a matter of time as life catches up with them. The show ends with all three of them living away from the clutches of their father but still living together. Kim Ji Won and Son Seok Gu find their way back to each other.

Little Women
Arguably the most shocking show of the year, it gave everyone watching a whiplash with the constant revelations. Kim Go Eun, Nam Ji Hyun, and Park Ji Hoo, played three siblings. The Oh sisters have always been held back because of poverty and are on the lookout to make their lives better, if even by a little. They end up involved with one of the most influential families in the country and a run for the money begins. Actor Wi Ha Joon’s minor love arc with Kim Go Eun and the overall electrifying nature of the show was up throughout the 12 episodes. It ended with the antagonists receiving a painful death and an overall happy ending for the others!

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