‘The Sweetheart Deal’ is new novel from Akron author Miranda Liasson

"The Sweetheart Deal"

Italy and France are neighboring countries, but going by the families in “The Sweetheart Deal” by Akron author Miranda Liasson, they might as well be on different planets.

Castorini’s Family Restaurant, an old-school place with no delivery and no takeout, is next door to Bonjour! Breads, a 100-year-old boulangerie that sells no eclairs and no profiteroles. The families have been feuding for generations, and the businesses aren’t doing so well, in contrast to the rest of the flourishing Indiana town.

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Representing the youngest generation of the families are Leo Castorini and Tessa Montgomery. Leo has been trying to persuade his father to offer more options than red sauce and fake Tuscan décor, and Tessa can’t get her mother to let her add even a single shelf of pastry.


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