The highly anticipated K-Dramas arriving in 2023!

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The highly anticipated K-Dramas arriving in 2023!

Go big or go home seems to beNetflix‘s business strategy, at least when it comes to Korean television shows. In 2022, the streamer increased their original content offerings and licencing deals with Netflix’s Korean TV programmes, premiering several now-favorite dramas on the platform and renewing many of their most well-liked programmes, including Sweet Home, All of Us Are Dead, Single’s Inferno, and (finally) Squid Game.

It’s time to add up all of the much anticipated Korean TV shows that are rumoured to be on Netflix in 2023 now that the new year is just around the brink. Many of Korea’s most prominent actors, such as Park Seo-joon, Choi Woo-shik,Bae Suzy, and Park Bo-Young, have joined the casts of must-see television programmes that include historical action epics, delightful comedies, therapeutic Korean dramas, and spooky thrillers. (After creating your watch list, see our list of the top Korean dramas on Netflix.

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1. Physical : 100

Following Single’s Inferno’s popularity, Netflix will debut its second original reality programme with a contest including strength and agility (guided by an omniscient voice that gives big Squid Game vibes). A hundred competitors of all ages, races, and genders will compete in a variety of fitness tests to see who has the “ideal physical body.” (Another fan favourite from Single’s Inferno Season 1 is included in the cast!)

2. A time called you

Jeon Yeo-been fromVicenzo and Ahn Hyo-seop from Business Proposal both play multiple characters in this remake of the popular Taiwanese drama Someday or One Day. One year after the passing of her boyfriend Ko Yeon-jun (Ahn), Han Jun-hee (Jeon) is still grieving. One day, she discovers herself as Kwon Min-joo, a high school student in 1998, after someway travelling back in time. She meets Nam Si-heon, a fellow student, and is shocked by how much Si-heon resembles her late boyfriend. Kang Hoon fromLittle Women andLee Min-goo from All of Us Are Dead also star.

3. Doona

Starring as a retired idol in this drama that is based on the web comic The Girl Downstairs is veteran K-pop singer Bae Suzy. When Lee Doo-na (Suzy) abruptly announces her retirement and moves into a share-house, she is the most well-liked member of a rising female group. The two finally get to know one other and start dating after welcoming university student Won Joon (Yang Se-jong) comes in.

4. All of us are dead season 2

After an exciting first season that followed the students of Hyosan High School as they battled their way out of their town, this zombie drama was renewed(opens in new tab) in June 2022. Nam-ra (Cho Yi-hyn) and the evolved zombies, as well as Cheong-potential san’s reappearance, may play a significant role in the upcoming season, according to prior hints from director Lee Jae-kyoo (Yoon Chan-young).

5. Squid Game season 2

It’s more likely that Squid Game 2 will debut in 2024, but we can’t forget to mention the much awaited second season of Netflix’s most watched series ever. Although the show’s creator Hwang Dong-hyuk has largely been silent regarding his plans for the upcoming season, we do know that previous champions Gi-hun (Lee Jung-jae) and the Front Man (Lee Byung-hun) will return. We’re crossing our fingers that officer Jun-ho (Wi Ha-jun) will also show up!

6. Sweet Home season 2

With Netflix announcing in June 2022 that Seasons 2 and 3(!) are coming out, another popular horror thriller is returning this year. Hyun-soo (Song Kang, “Nevertheless”) managed to flee Green Homes before the Season 1 finale’s major cliffhanger, in which he miraculously survived after waking up in a military vehicle piloted by [spoiler]. Along with the Season 1 survivors, newcomers Yoo Oh-sung (The Veil), Oh Jung-se (It’s Okay to Not Be Okay), and Jung Jin-young will join the cast (Love in the Moonlight).


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