The Heavenly Idol star Kim Min-kyu on his range as an actor, Business Proposal success, Indian fans | Exclusive spoke to Kim Min-kyu of The Heavenly Idol fame exclusively. The handsome star spoke about Business Proposal’s success and had a message for Indian fans. Read.

Bhavna Agarwal

Mumbai ,UPDATED: Mar 24, 2023 17:19 IST

Kim Min-gue exclusive interview for The Heavenly Idol (Credit: Studio Dragon)

Kim Min-gue exclusive interview for The Heavenly Idol (Credit: Studio Dragon)

By Bhavna Agarwal: K-dramas are the answer to most escapism the global audience is looking for. Korean TV has been able to amalgamate love and fantasy in the most interesting way. They don’t shy away from experimentation and Studio Dragon is one of the leading production houses in South Korea to spearhead this. One of their recently produced dramas titled The Heavenly Idol is one of the prime examples. Starring Kim Min-kyu (Business Proposal) and Go Bo-gyeol (Goblin) in the lead roles, The Heavenly Idol is based on the web novel of the same name by Shin Hwa-jin.

The Heavenly Idol first premiered on February 15, 2023 and also stars Lee Jang-woo in an important role. The story chronicles the life of a High Priest who finds himself trapped in the body of a K-pop idol named Woo Yeon-woo, a member of the boy group Wild Animal. Continuing his global fame post Business Proposal, that is available on Netflix, Kim Min-kyu has been able to connect with fans in a very interesting way. Amid many fan meetings, he has taken charge to present a new side to himself, as an actor, with Woo Yeon-woo’s character.


India Today had a brief opportunity to chat with Kim Min-kyu about The Heavenly Idol and his process as an actor via email interaction.

The show focused on showing Min-kyu’s new side. When asked how he embodies the role of a K-pop idol possessed by a Highly Priest, the actor said, “At first, I had many concerns because this character seemed difficult to perform. I started my approach to this character by imagining a Highly Priest becoming an idol.”

He also mentioned that playing both the roles, of Rembrary and Woo Yeon-woo was not difficult for him. The actor, who played an important role in Snowdrop, added, “Since Rembrary and Woo Yeon-woo have two entirely different characteristics starting from the way they speak, performing these two characters was not much of a difficulty.”

Having shown a range within the last two-three years itself, Kim Min-kyu finds it difficult to pick a favourite. He played a cold hearted agent in Snowdrop, a very interesting secretary/friend in Business Proposal, and now a K-pop idol. He shared, “It is too hard for me to decide on a favorite… All of the characters are meaningful to me because they are all different in their own ways.”

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Fans of Business Proposal would swear that his chemistry with Seol In-ah in Business Proposal was much loved. Now, with Go Bo-gyeol, the chemistry is off to an interesting phase. When asked what has been his takeaway from each of his co-stars, Min-kyu mentioned, “Well, there are so many things I learn from my co-stars after finishing a project. Each actor has different traits, so I learn various things from diverse fields. It is difficult for me to decide which one to talk about.”


Business Proposal is one of the most important shows in Kim Min-kyu’s filmography so far. He credits his co-stars and director for the global success of the show. “I believe it happened thanks to the actors wonderfully performing the characters and our amazing director bringing them to life,” the young actor emphasised.

Lastly, he thanked fans in India for their support from miles away. “Thank you so much for your support from a distance! I hope to meet you one day. I promise to repay all your love and support through various works and characters,” the versatile actor said in a parting note.

The Heavenly Idol has 16 episodes in total. It was produced by Studio Dragon.

Studio Dragon is one of the largest production houses in South Korea. They are behind globally popular shows like The Glory, Little Women, Crash Course in Romance, Our Blues, Twenty Five Twenty One, Hometown Cha Cha Cha, Vincenzo, Its Okay To Not Be Okay, Crash Landing On You, Alchemy of Souls, among others.


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