Song Kang and 4 Popular K-Drama Actors Enlisting in the Military in 2022

With only a few months left in 2022, a few South Korean actors from popular K-dramas have to enlist for mandatory military service. In South Korea, all registered male citizens are required to serve in a military branch for almost two years. For years, Korean celebrities, actors, and even K-Pop idols have gone on hiatus to fulfill their duty. Only a short time after Extraordinary Attorney Woo, K-drama actor Kang Tae-oh enlisted in the military, but he is not the only one for 2022.

K-drama actors Kim Min-kyu, Song Kang, and Nam Joo-hyuk.
K-drama actors Kim Min-kyu, Song Kang, and Nam Joo-hyuk | via Netflix

‘Jinxed at First’ K-drama actor Na In-woo will enter mandatory military service

Before 2022 ends, K-drama actor Na In-woo is scheduled to enter the military. The 28-year-old recently gained fame for starring as the male lead, alongside Seohyun, in the fantasy romance Jinxed at First. He played the role of Gong Soo-kwang, a bright college graduate whose life became jinxed. Years later, he meets the woman who made him unlucky.


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