Song Hye kyo in Glory, Jung So-min in Alchemy Of Souls: 5 Kdrama Good Girls Turned Bad in 2022

2022 has been quite an interesting year. Slice of life Korean drama series has been widely appreciated. There’s a Thirty Nine talking about women reaching their 40, there’s also Twenty Five Twenty One which makes it evident that in reality, love may not lead to a happy ending. Then there were also the usual Korean drama favourites like supernatural (Tomorrow), romantic comedy (Business Proposal) and more. Year-Ender 2022 Recap: Juvenile Justice, Shooting Stars – 5 Korean Dramas Of The Year That Should Have Been Talked About More.

One other thing that we noticed is that 2022 turned a lot of good girls bad. Let us explain it. This year, a lot of actresses who have been known for their good-natured and virtuous roles, have decided to dark. We have five of them here.

Song Hye Kyo – Glory

Recently, the teaser of the series Glory was released and we realised Song Hye Kyo is being vindictive here. In Now We Are Breaking Up, her last series, she played a confident, ambitious yet cold-hearted Chief of the fashion department of a company. But she wasn’t evil. In Glory, she is going to show no mercy!

Jung So-min – Anarchy of Souls

Now many wouldn’t agree with this but do remember that Jung So-min, possessed by the soul of an aggressive female warrior, kills Lee Dong-wook’s character at the end of the first season. She is supposed to be shown as a meek and timid girl but she spins it around to play the warrior who doesn’t show mercy. It’s the transition from a softer person to a feisty woman was simply great.

Seo Yea-ji – Eve

We agree that Seo Yea-ji has shown her evil spark in It’s Okay Not To Be Okay with her no-holds-barred and self-obsessed attitude. But it was all for show. However, in Eve, she just goes all out on her revenge intentionally!

Lee Yoo-mi- All of Us Are Dead

Lee Yoo-mi, the simple girl from Squid Game, turns vicious in All of Us Are Dead, one of the highest-ranking Korean drama series of this year. She played Lee Na-yeon, the girl who is so selfish she doesn’t mind harming others to save herself. Nobody has ever hated a person so much in a series! All Of Us Are Dead Is The Most Voted K-Drama Series On IMDb in 2022 So Far.

There is no redeeming quality in Jung Eugene’s character in Remarriage and Desires and she doesn’t even want it either. She is plain vile in the series. We have earlier seen her in softer supporting characters in shows like W and others. Here she is just obnoxiously bad!

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