Rolling Stone labels BTS Jimin’s With You the Best K-Drama OST of 2022

On December 26, 2022, Rolling Stone India revealed the 10 best K-drama OSTs of 2022, and BTS Jimin’s With You for the series Our Blues secured the first spot. The OST that Jimin sang alongside Ha Sung-won was released on April 24, 2022, and received a lot of attention, uniting BTS and K-drama fans who deeply appreciated the mesmerizing vocals of the two artists.

The list also names other famous K-drama OSTs that dominated the fans’ playlists in 2022. Snowdrop, Business Proposal, Twenty-Five Twenty-One, Alchemy of Souls, and many other K-dramas popped up on the list, showcasing that 2022 has been an eventful year that has seen many successful K-dramas winning viewers’ hearts.

BTS Jimin’s With You ranks first in the 10 best K-drama OSTs of 2022

Our Blues, the K-drama starring Kim Woo-bin and Shin Min-ah, alongside other famous actors, premiered on April 9, 2022. The plot revolved around a community of people leading diverse lives, whose paths crossed regularly. The emotional storylines of multiple characters fascinated viewers, who loved the rich complexity with which the lives of the people were portrayed.

The OST received equal, if not more, attention, making fans nostalgic for the K-drama. If the popularity of the show wasn’t enough, BTS fans who never miss a chance to showcase their love and support for their idols, popularized the already-loved OST With You by Jimin and Ha Sung-won.

While BTS Jimin’s OST for Our Blues took the top position, the list of the 10 best K-drama OSTs by Rolling Stone comprises memorable soundtracks from several iconic K-dramas of 2022. Check them out here:

1) With You (from Our Blues) – BTS Jimin and Ha Sung-won

2) Love Maybe (from Business Proposal) – MeloMance

3) Wishes (from Snowdrop) – Jamie Miller

4) Starlight (from Twenty-Five Twenty-One) – NCT Taeil

5) Scars Leave Beautiful Trace (from Alchemy of Souls) – Car, The Garden

6) Beyond My Dreams (fromExtraordinary Attorney Woo) – Sunwoojunga

7) Shining on Your Night (from Yumi’s Cells 2) – GOT7 Jinyoung

8) We’ll Shine Brighter Than Any Other Star (from Soundtrack #1) – Lee Hi

9) Because of You (from Rookie Cops) – Chancellor

10) Melting (from Forecasting Love and Weather) – CHEEZE

Fans react to BTS Jimin’s new achievement with his first OST, With You

With You marks the release of BTS Jimin’s first-ever OST. While the artist released a solo song, Promise, on SoundCloud in 2018, this new OST saw Jimin’s debut as a solo artist on Spotify. Given that this is his first time working on a K-drama soundtrack, ARMYs are beyond proud of his new achievement.

An unpromoted midnight release did that!! Congratulations Jimin 🤍 “With You” will always be the Best Song (ost)…

@CloutNewsMedia And I totally agree 🥺🥺 I listen to it everyday.There’s something about it very special, something I can’t describe in words 🤍

I’m really thankful to Our Blues Director team for choosing and contact our Jimin for their team ! And when they said it’s the Luxury OST it’s really is !!!!Listen to #WithYou if you haven’t yet you will feel the love, comfort ,happiness ,and many emotions while listen to it!+

With You, Jimin’s first OST, since its release, despite all the bumps he’s had on his way, always being praised by K-media, setting records every day, chosen by different media among the best OSTs and now Rolling Stone magazine has chosen WITH YOU as the best OST of this 2022👏🏻👑

This photo still make me goosebumps. The impact he has without any solo debut is insane 😭❤️Whole world is waiting for Pjm1Congratulations JiminPROUD OF YOU JIMINWith You BEST K-DRAMA OST#JIMIN#BTSJIMIN

“With You” is # 1 in Rolling Stone India’s 10 Best K-drama OSTs of 2022 💙”The exquisite harmony produced by Jimin’s incredibly sensitive tone and Ha Sung-woon’s captivating voice… culminates in an intriguing composition and instils comfort”Congratulations, Jimin ✨

Jimin’s voice in ‘With You’ is a hug in the soul, warmth in the heart, it’s a caress under the moonlight and a sweet kiss under a sunset. Is our most beautiful gift 🤍🌙#WithYouBestOSTof2022

With BTS on the journey to embark on their solo careers, fans can’t wait for what Jimin has in store for them. Though the idol has put forth solo songs like Serendipity and Lie in BTS’ discography before, fans are quite intrigued to know what an entire album of Jimin’s songs would sound like.

As 2022 comes to an end, the K-drama fandom is rejoicing in anticipation of the exciting lineup of shows that await them in the new year.

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