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If you’re a student, then you know how difficult it can be when multiple papers are due at once. No matter how hard you work, or how well you manage your time, it always feels like you’re falling behind – this is where the best essay writing services come in!

However, if you plan on going this route, you must choose a service that uses quality writers and delivers on time.

After all, this is your future we’re talking about, and a poor mark on a midterm paper can wreak havoc on your GPA.

If you’re after the best custom essay writing service – then look no further, it’s all covered below.

Best Essay Writing Services:

1. 99Papers – Best Essay Writing Service Overall

99Papers Pros

  • Affordable pricing

  • Network of over 1,400 vetted writers

  • Unlimited free revisions

  • Money-back policy

  • Suitable for college students & Ph.D. candidates

99Papers Cons

99Papers Company Overview

99Papers is a reputable essay writing service that’s known for its transparent money-back policy and network of highly skilled freelance writers.

Since its inception, the company has successfully completed over 850,000 orders and currently holds a 4.5/5 rating with both SiteJabber and

What’s more, 99Papers has a highly customizable order process, allowing you to choose the best writer for the job.

If all you’re after is the top essay writing company, then 99Papers is worth taking a look at.

99Papers Best Features

99Papers offers essay writing services for all education levels, starting from high school essays all the way up to PhD-level academic papers. To use their service, simply fill out an order form and wait for a response from a writer.

One aspect we really like about 99Papers is how you can communicate with several writers at once, letting you choose the one that’s best suited for the job.

Moreover, all orders come with a free bibliography page, an unlimited number of revisions, and an in-depth plagiarism report.

Turn around times range from 24 hours to 15 days depending on your needs and all communication with the writer is anonymous.

What’s more, the service has a strict no-plagiarism policy, meaning you know each paper you receive is completely original.

99Papers Pricing

Pricing is based on several factors, including turnaround time, the number of words, and academic level. Keep in mind that faster turnaround times will end up costing you more.

For example, while a 1,400-word, first-year college essay will run you around $70 with a 10-day turnaround, a Ph.D. research paper of the same word count will be roughly double the price.

All new customers receive 10% off their first order and the site is constantly running sales and promotions that offer up to 15% off each subsequent order.

All-in-all, 99Papers offers a great balance between affordability and quality, making it one of the more value-rich paper writing services we’ve come across.

Try 99Papers For High-Quality Essays

2. GradeMiners – Top Writing Service for Last Minute Papers

GradeMiners Pros

  • 6-hour rush service

  • Highly-vetted pool of writers

  • In-house editing team reviews each paper

  • Anonymous

  • Tons of academic services

  • Tons of positive reviews

GradeMiners Cons

GradeMiners Company Overview

Grade Miners launched in 2009 with one goal in mind – to give students the help they need when they need it most.

Since then, the site has grown into one of the most recognized essay writing services around, and today, it processes over 2000 orders per week and maintains a pool of more than 3,000 professional essay writers.

GradeMiners is quite picky when hiring riders, and according to their website, only 9% of all applicants make the cut, so you know you’re getting the best of the best.

Besides high-quality papers, the company is also known for its rush order service, which can deliver a college-level research paper in 6 hours or less – though, keep in mind that it’s more expensive.

Lastly, judging from previous reviews Grademiner’s customer support isn’t the best, however, they are working on improving that!

GradeMiners Best Features

As stated above, Grade Miner’s most impressive feature is its rush order service. This service boasts an on-time delivery rate of 97% and each paper is plagiarism-free.

Grade Miners is also one of the few essay writing services with an in-house editing team. Every finished essay is passed through the editing team before being sent to the client, giving you a level of quality control not offered by other paper writing websites.

Lastly, Grade Miner doesn’t limit itself to essays, and the writing service also specializes in academic research papers, PowerPoint presentations, and much more.

GradeMiners Pricing

While GradeMiners 6-hour rush service can be a lifesaver, it doesn’t come cheap, and a 2,200-word essay will cost you around $270 (roughly 12 cents per word).

If you don’t need the paper right away, and you’re willing to wait 10 days, the price drops substantially to around $100.

Moreover, all new customers receive 15% off their first order – and yes – this applies to their rush service as well.

Try GradeMiner’s 6 Hour Rush Service

3. Essay Factory – Top UK Paper Writing Service for Undergraduate Papers

Essay Factory Pros

  • Free Turnitin report with every order

  • Well-reviewed essay service

  • Affordable prices

  • Great for both US and UK students

Essay Factory Cons

Essay Factory Company Overview

Up next we have Essay Factory, an established writing service whose motto reads “Quality work, on time, at affordable rates”.

Compared to the last two services we’ve covered, Essay Factory is noticeably smaller, and in the years it’s been around, it’s only processed some 11,000 orders.

Still, the site has received many positive reviews and some of its clients include well-known Universities like Victoria U and Flinders University.

Essay Factory Best Features

To ensure you get the best possible writer for the job, Essay Factory has several categories you request from, including the most popular subjects such as Business, Management, Nursing, and Taxation.

However, Essay Factory isn’t just for college students, the outfit offers several business-oriented solutions, such as case studies, proposals, presentations, and more.

Similarly, if you have a speech coming up, but don’t feel comfortable putting something together yourself, Essay Factory can help. Simply compile some notes covering the major points you wish to hit, pass them off to a writer, and wait for the finished product.

Finally, all papers come with a TurnItIn report, so you know your term paper or essay is free of plagiarism.

Essay Factory Pricing

Unlike 99Papers or GradeMiners, Essay Factory isn’t upfront about their prices and you’ll have to submit an order and wait for a quote. Because of this, it’s not the best essay writing service for rush jobs.

That said, a 3-page report with a 5-day turnaround time will typically cost around $60, making it one of the more affordable options out there.

Try Essay Factory For Undergraduate Papers

4. EssayBox – Best Research Paper Writing Service

Essaybox Pros

Essaybox Cons

Essaybox Company Overview

Paper writing services aren’t just for undergraduate students – Masters/Ph.D. candidates also require help from time to time.

If you find yourself in this boat, and need an academic research paper completed, Essaybox is an excellent option.

The company currently employs 374 US-based writers and boasts an on-time delivery rate of 96.8%.

Essaybox Best Features

One thing that separates Essaybox from other academic writing services is that they only work with US-based writers who have a university or college degree. By comparison, many agencies use ESL writers, which in many cases, results in a lower-quality paper.

Moreover, all writers are well-versed in using a variety of citation methods, including MLA, APA, Chicago, Harvard, Turabian, and more. While there have been some comments about the essay service’s quality – you can opt for a revision if necessary.

Finally, Essaybox is highly dedicated to customer satisfaction and offers a money-back policy, unlimited revisions, and a free bibliography on all orders.

Essaybox Pricing

A single-page undergraduate-level paper with a 15-day delivery is priced at $15.30, making Essaybox fairly competitive when it comes to pricing.

For a Masters-level research paper, a single page of original content starts at $21.60, and a slight discount is applied with each additional page ordered.

Try Essaybox For Unlimited Revisions

5. Essay Company – Most Affordable Essay Writing Site

Essay Company Pros

Essay Company Cons

Essay Company Company Overview

In its 10+ years in business, Essay Company has written over 90,000 essays and term papers for students all over the world. Furthermore, most of their writers are students themselves who specialize in over 30 disciplines, including biological sciences, medicine, law, sociology, and much more.

The company also has one of the unique pricing plans out there, and prices change depending on what grade the client wishes to receive. If all you need is a passing grade on an essay or homework assignment, Essay Company is an excellent choice.

Essay Company Best Features

Instead of focusing on papers in general, Essay Company’s list of available services is split into several different categories, such as homework assignments, course work, essays, and even paper outlines and planning.

If you’ve already written your paper, but want to run it by another set of eyes before handing it in, Essay Company also offers editing and proofreading services.

Because the company caters to students all over the world, you can specify which writing convention you wish to use, including APA, MLA, Chicago style, and more.

Finally, the essay writing service offers unlimited revisions and assures that all papers are free of plagiarism.

Essay Company Pricing

For standard papers, Essay Company follows a unique pricing structure. Instead of charging based solely on the number of pages and turnaround times, the writing service lets you choose between different grades.

For example, a one-page essay with a 10-day turnaround time will cost you around $50 for a C grade but $115 for an A grade.

Compared to other college paper writing services, the price difference between a 5-day and 10-day turnaround time is nearly non-existent, while there have been some reports of delays – it’s still a great service to consider for your next paper.

6. Pro Essay Writing – Excellent Customer Service

Pro Essay Writing Pros

Pro Essay Writing Cons

Pro Essay Writing Company Overview

Featured in popular publications like CollegeWeekLive and Study USA, Pro Essay Writing is a Cyprus-based essay service that’s backed by tons of positive reviews and is known for its excellent customer support.

Pro Essay Writing Best Features

Pro Essay Writing is one of the few agencies that provide you with direct access to your writer, giving you the chance to engage in in-depth discussions with them before they get to work on your paper.

Moreover, the essay service has some of the best customer support staff in the business, which can be accessed through their 24/7 live chat or toll-free 1-800 number.

All content is unique and the site employs a talented pool of US-speaking college and university students.

That said, some reviewers have complained about delivery times, so if you plan on using Pro Essay Writing, we recommend submitting an order no less than 10 days before the due date.

The site also offers coursework services, which can help you with homework and assignments on a wide array of topics.

Pro Essay Writing Pricing

Pro Essay Writing has three price tiers; Standard Quality, Premium Quality, and Platinum Quality. Depending on which option you choose, a single paper with a 10-day turnaround will cost between $19.00 and $23.00.

While this is certainly higher than other options we’ve looked at, the quality you’ll get from Pro Essay Writing is noticeably higher than what’s offered by other, more affordable, writing companies.

First-time customers will enjoy a generous 20% discount on their first purchase and the essay writer service runs frequent discount programs which offer anywhere from 10% to 15% off your order.

7. A-Writer – Best Essay Writing Website for Premium Content

A-Writer Pros

A-Writer Cons

A-Writer Company Overview

Founded in 2002, A-Writer is a reputable academic writing service that offers everything from undergraduate-level essays to Ph.D. dissertations.

Although their cost per page is noticeably higher compared to other options, they’re one of the best writing services if you’re looking for quality work and on-time delivery.

A-Writer Best Features

A-Writer maintains a small, yet highly skilled pool of writers whose expertise spans multiple disciplines.

While a good portion of the writers are third or fourth-year university students, the service does claim to employ several Masters/PhD-level students, which could come in handy if you need help with a dissertation or dissertation proposal.

If you have no issue writing your paper, but don’t have the time to do the research, A-Writer offers a research and notes gathering service which can be a major help when writing papers.

A-Writer Pricing

A-Writer also uses a three-tier approach that includes Standard Quality, Premium Quality, and Platinum Quality. While a Standard Quality essay will cost you $22.99 per page, a Platinum Quality paper comes in at $29.99.

These prices include the standard delivery time of 10 days, and for anything faster than that, prices rise fairly quickly.

For example, if you want a one-page essay completed in three hours, the essay writing service will charge you $60.99. If you need it in five days, expect to pay $25.99 per page.

All orders purchased under the Platinum Quality option are written by writers with five years or more experience. Additionally, all Platinum orders come with an advanced plagiarism check.

8. Essay Writers World – Best Essay Service for Term Papers

Essay Writers World Pros

  • Large array of academic services

  • East to contact support team

  • Free revisions for 14 days

  • Unique, plagiarism-free papers

Essay Writers World Cons

Essay Writers World Company Overview

Essay Writers World crafts college essays for both US and UK students, making them one of the more versatile services out there. What’s more, the site employs a straightforward ordering process and offers a wide array of academic writing services.

Essay Writers World Best Features

All papers from Essay Writers World come to A-grade assured, meaning a full refund is issued if you receive an unusable paper. That said, some users have reported issues in receiving a refund, so your mileage may vary.

If you’re unhappy with your essay, the college paper writing service gives you 14 days to request revisions, which the writer will do free of charge.

Interestingly, the site employs a message board-like system you can use to communicate with writers and send them notes, suggestions, and other materials.

Besides essays, Essay Writer World offers an impressive number of services, including term papers, editing, proofreading, and event statistics reports and case studies.

Essay Writers World Pricing

There’s no nice way to put it. Essay Writing World isn’t cheap, and a single-page undergraduate essay will cost $39.51 with a 10-day turnaround period.

Interestingly, you can receive a discount on your first order just by asking the live support staff for a deal, which typically comes in at around 15%.

How We Chose These Essay Writing Companies

When reviewing different writing services, there were several criteria we took into consideration, the most important being:


By reading countless essay writing service reviews, we managed to identify those that enjoy a solid reputation among real students.

Quality of Writers

The best writing services use high-quality, professional writers to craft their essays. We also considered those that use college and university students to write essays.

Ability to Hit Deadlines

It doesn’t matter how good an author’s essay writing skills are, if they can’t adhere to strict deadlines, then we don’t recommend them.


We understand that students are on a fixed budget, and because of this, we stick to writing services that offer a good balance between quality and affordability.

How To Get Started With Essay Writing Companies

Below we’ll walk you through the process of using an essay writing service by using our top pick, 99Papers, as an example.

1. Create an Order

On the homepage, find and click the ‘Order Now’ button located in the top right-hand corner of the screen. From there, select the type of order you wish to purchase (essay, homework assignment, editing, etc.), the academic level (high school, college, Masters, etc.), and the due date.

2. Choose Add-Ons

From there, pick the level of writer you’d like to employ along with any add-ons you’d like to include, such as a plagiarism report, list of sources, title pages, etc.

3. Provide Details

Next, select which style you want your article written in (APA, MLA, Chicago, etc.), provide a title, and include some instructors for the writer to follow. If you’ve created an outline, you can upload it as a PDF file.

4. Pay and Talk to the Writer

At this stage, all that’s left to do is enter your payment details and wait for a message from a writer. If, for one reason or another, you feel your assigned writer isn’t the best fit, you can always switch them out for another.

Best Writing Services: FAQsWhat Is the Best Writing Service?

The best essay writing service is 99Papers. Not only do they deliver quality custom papers at affordable prices, but their ordering process is straightforward and pleasantly simple.

That said, if you need an essay written in just a few hours, GradeMiners is likely the best paper writing service for the job as their rush service can deliver a paper in 6 hours or less.

Are Essay Writing Websites Legal?

Yes, essay writing websites are legal to use, and the academic writing market has increased substantially over the last few years.

However, just because the service is legal, it doesn’t mean all essay writing websites deliver a quality product. Because of this, we recommend sticking to the sites detailed in our list.

Is It Cheating to Use an Essay Writing Service?

At nearly all Colleges and Universities, submitting a paper you didn’t write yourself would be considered cheating. Because of this, it’s important you use a paper writing service that offers anonymous communication between you and the writer.

Is Buying Essays Online Safe?

Yes, when a reliable essay writing service is used, buying essays online is entirely safe.

When using an essay writing service, the most common issues you’re likely to run into are poor quality of work and missed deadlines.

If you have a big assignment or mid-term paper coming up, you don’t want to leave your grade in the hands of someone who won’t get the assignment done on time.

Because of this, we recommend sticking to reliable essay writing services like 99Papers and GradeMiners.

What Is the Cheapest Paper Writing Service?

Essay Company is the best option for an affordable paper writing service and a full C grade essay can be purchased for around $50.

For other cost-effective options, check out Essaybox and 99Papers.

How Long Does it Take To Get Your Essay or Paper?

Delivery times range from just a few hours to 30 days and it all depends upon which package you order. Of course, the more days you give the agency to complete the work, the cheaper the paper will be.

As a result, we recommend submitting an order at the earliest possible date. Not only will this drive the cost down, but it will give you time to request any revisions should you need them.

Can Turnitin Detect Papers Bought Online?

No, Turnitin cannot detect papers bought online as the software is designed for catching plagiarism. That said, low-quality writing services are known for selling plagiarized work, which would be picked up by Turnitin.

To avoid this issue, only use legitimate essay writing services, like those included in our list.

How Do Essay Writing Services Work?

Essay writing services work by connecting you with professional essay writers who’ll complete your assignment or term paper for you. Once done, it can then be handed in under your name.

The process of ordering a paper varies slightly from service to service, but it always involves picking a subject, total word count, due date, and providing some notes or a basic outline for the writer to follow.

Can I Check the Quality of Papers Before Ordering?

Most of the top essay writing services have samples available, which you can view prior to placing an order.

If you receive your paper, and you’re unhappy with the quality or require changes, most writing services offer free, unlimited revisions.

What Websites Write Your Essay For Free?

Free, AI-based writing tools exist that will write essays for free. However, these tools are not very convincing and the chances of you receiving a good grade are low.

Instead, go with a trusted essay writing service like 99Papers or GradeMiners.

Can Professors Find Out if You Bought An Essay?

No, professors won’t be able to tell if you’ve bought an essay from an essay writing website.

That said, although a professor can’t tell if you’ve purchased an essay through a writing service, they will be able to detect plagiarism.

When using a writing service, always go with the one that offers a complete plagiarism report.

Secondly, if the professor is already familiar with your tone and writing style, they may be able to tell that you’re not the author of a paper. To avoid this, we recommend making minor changes to your essay so that it reads like past assignments you’ve turned in.

Final Thoughts on the Best Paper Writing Services

We get it, sometimes life gets in the way and you can’t find the time to complete an essay or assignment. However, that doesn’t mean your grade needs to suffer.

If you find yourself suffocating under your workload it may be time to turn to a qualified paper writing service like 99Papers or GradeMiners.

However, just like your grade is important, it’s important to go with a quality outfit, like those included in our list of best essay writing services.

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