Netizens pick the 10 best K-drama moments of 2022

The previous year, 2022, has been great for the K-pop and K-drama industry and has given fans some of the best K-drama moments. Although the year has ended, the memories are still fress in the minds of viewers.

Some of the best K-drama moments have had fans in tears, while others had fans replaying the scenes over and over again.

A popular Twitter account @kdramatreats, which boasts a 90.3k following, asked the audience for their best K-drama moments of 2022. The tweet currently has over 5k quote-retweets and 32.5 million views.

Best K-drama moments from Twenty-Five Twenty-One, Tomorrow, to Alchemy of Souls and others in between

1) The 20’s heartbreak (Twenty-Five Twenty-One)

Twenty-Five Twenty-One, starring Nam Joo-hyuk & Kim Tae-rii was probably one of the most heartbreaking dramas of 2022. The characters, Baek Yi-jin and Na Hee-do, meet and fall in love in their 20s. They go through a realistic cycle of fan-favorite K-drama moments when it comes to heartbreak and personal crises.

One of the best K-drama moments that brought every K-drama fan to tears was the final farewell scene between Baek Yi-jin and Na Hee-do.

Fans witnessed the best K-drama moments with the ‘right person, wrong time’ trope as both characters weren’t able to share their sadness with each other. They didn’t want to burden the other with their sadness.

In the final moments of their separation, Baek Yi-jin bends down to tie Na Hee-do’s shoelaces, and both shed tears without looking at each other. Their last hug had the entire fandom crying together with the characters, adding it to the list of the best K-drama moments.

2) The worship couple (My Liberation Notes)

con my liberation notes, la forma de valorar a quien se tiene en el mundo como compañía, cambia de forma absoluta. el cariño está en el amor, en cuidados que se pasan por alto pero nos encuentran. también en los silencios y la honestidad agridulce. adorar es un invierno dulce.…

My Liberation Notes was a blessing in disguise for all introverts. If there are some of the best K-drama moments in a drama you might want to recommend to someone in their healing phase, this is the one.

While the drama had many of the best K-drama moments from fans’ daily lives, netizens have collectively agreed that this moment invokes a giddy feeling in their hearts.

In Episode 14, Mr. Gu and Mi-jeong meet on a bridge. Seasons and hairstyles changed, but their love only grew more, and blushing, they compliment each other before Mr. Gu tells her that he missed her.

The scene finally brought the closure the characters needed, and netizens were delighted about the introverted couple’s happy ending, making it one of the best K-drama moments.

3) The Extraordinary mother (Extraordinary Attorney Woo)

Extraordinary Attorney Woo had the best K-drama moments. It excelled in portraying the autistic attorney Woo Young-woo in a warm, genuine, humanized, and (fairly) accurate manner. The show also managed embrace Woo Young-woo’s otherness that defines her life.

However, one of the best K-drama moments that this show had was between Park Eun-bin and Jin Kyung. The two gave a powerful performance as mother and daughter in the scene when the mother realized that she had abandoned her daughter. Their confrontation put her to shame.

4) The iconic Samantha & Rachel (Business Proposal)

kim sejeong shin hari business proposal honeypie edit

Business Proposal was one of the most popular dramas, and the cast stunned drama fans with their antics. The best K-drama moments from this drama had been popular in all its aspects, from the main lead and second lead’s chemistry to the rest of the cast’s iconic scenes.

Kim Se-Jeong portrays Shin Ha-ri, and in this scene, she was on a blind date with her company’s CEO,Kang Tae-moo. With the goal of spoiling the blind date, Shin Ha-ri flaunted her breast augmentation surgery in a hilarious manner. She mentions how they were worth 10 million KRW and names the left one Samantha and the right one Rachel, leading to another hilarious chain of events.

5) “I’ll make sure you never forget” (Business Proposal)

OMGGG THIS SCENE IS FROM BUSINESS PROPOSAL??!?!?!??! i just got to this part

Business Proposal has without a doubt got several of the best K-drama moments, but this steamy scene was one that had the internet reeling for months. Kim Min-kyu and Seol In-ah play second leads Cha Sung-hoon and Jin Young-seo, respectively, in the drama, and this is one scene took over their chemistry with the lead actors.

The one dialog, “I’ll make sure you never forget” made sure the internet doesn’t forget this drama. They even won “The Best Couple Award” at the 2022 SBS Drama Award.

6) The coffee curse (Snowdrop)

Snowdrop was one of the most anticipated dramas of 2022, as this was BLACKPINK Jisoo’s debut drama.

The drama was released among a series of controversies owing to the alleged claims of the drama being insensitive towards Korean History. However, the drama performed well and Jisoo went on to win Outstanding Korean Actress at the Seoul International Drama Awards (2022).

After this k**s scene between Hye-in and Jisoo, “Want to have Coffee” became the new “Do you want to have ramen” (Ramyeon meokgo galrae?). The phrase is South Korea’s equivalent to Netflix and chill.

This was also Jisoo’s first k**s on screen and it was a big deal for the netizens who made sure that the scene was trending until the end of the year. Of course, the drama did end on a tragic note, like most dramas in 2022, but at least there are moments like these to make up for it.

7) Soul Of The Star (Tomorrow)

Tomorrow was an absolute game changer with the usual romance dramas and out of all the dramas where netizens shed tears every day. However, the drama also had an impact in every episode.

The sixth episode showcased an individual case of a war veteran who was tired of living and wanted to take his own life to escape the tyranny of life’s end.

This added to the best K-drama moments after the grim reapers showed him around the city and his hard work for the safety of Koreans. Here, even though the grim reapers were supposed to be non-emotional souls who carry out the devil’s deed, this scene shows the respect and emotional turmoil of their jobs.

8) Naksu Vs Park Jin fight (Alchemy of Souls)

Alchemy of Souls season two ended with a happy ending for all, with no deaths for the main ensemble, which was a breather for fans. The series was one of the most awaited sequels after the cliffhanger in the first season and the announcement of Jung So-min not reprising her role as Mu-deok in Season 2.

The fight took place in season 1, episode 1. Park Jin, one of the four powerful mages and Gwanju of Songrim, was fighting against Naksu, a shadow assassin infamous for killing images. However, Naksu got injured and shifted her soul onto Mu-deok , and that’s how the story began.

9) The weak hero fights back (Weak Hero Class 1)

Weak Hero Class 1 was a surprise for all the drama lovers out there. Based on the webtoon of the same name, the drama followed model student Yeon Shi-eun (Park Ji-hoon) as he fought back against his bullies.

Wavve’s original Weak Hero Class 1 was an unflinching, action-packed take on school violence.

Everyone loves a hero who saves everyone in the end, but most importantly themselves. In the finale, Si-eun goes after the fighter and ruthlessly beats him. He goes to school, grabs a fire extinguisher, and beats the other bullies. He was finally tired of the violence and spared nobody.

Park Ji-hoon outdid himself in this fight scene. Netizens praised his emotional caliber for the scene where he beats up the bully and releases his pent-up feelings by smashing the window.

10) Chasing away the blues (Our Blues)

The previous year paved the way for healing dramas like Our Blues. The show held a large ensemble of actors into 20 episodes of healing from different backgrounds, yet connected through feelings. All the episodes showed individual cases and their healing phase, and this scene showcased the innocence of one soul amid a huge world.

Our Blues episode 16 showcases hope and makes little Eun-gi, the grandchild of Miss Chun-hui’s dream come true. They took her to see the city lights and show us an adorable moment of the 100 moons and making the viewers realize the presence of their souls in a huge world.

2022 has been a huge drama wave with tears crashing around every episode. These are just some of the best K-drama moments in the K-drama genre for 2022. There are several trending dramas in 2023 from Song Hye-kyo’s revenge thriller The Glory to Park Hyun-sik’s Our Blooming Youth. This gives fans a lot to look forward to and they can expect more of these best K-drama moments that will make 2023 another exciting year for K-dramas.

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