Korean Netflix series “Business Proposal” brings uptick in Kross Komics readership by 20%

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Korean Netflix series “Business Proposal” brings uptick in Kross Komics readership by 20%

Published on May 19, 2022

–       Netflix series, Business Proposal has received a cumulative of 218.29 million watch hours

–       The web novel and webtoon garnered 450+ million views across Asia and North America

–       Kross Komics has quickly emerged as a popular source of Comics. Currently, 300000 users of Kross Komics app have read 1.6 million episodes in 2022, Kross Komics is planning to launch the iOS and latest android app with a more robust UI

 One of the top 3 most read series on Kross Komics, A Business Proposal comes with stunning visuals and a compelling story in familiar languages such as English, Hindi, and Telugu. It is a delightful new romantic slew of story of a woman named Ha-ri who goes on a blind date on behalf of her friend. The aim was to get dumped. Later on, she finds out the date is Taemu, who happens to be the Handsome CEO of the company she works at. Many media reviews imply that the comics-inspired show is an instant pick that hits the spot as a frothy, simple rom-com and stays true to the genre. It has received total watch hours close to 218.29 million on Netflix.

The show kept their audiences glued to the screen, and the digital comics did likewise to the comic fanatics. A Business Proposal, which was released in 2021 became a total hit among the Desi audience and also boosted 20% of readership on Kross Komics. The popularity of the Korean drama became omnipresent, and after being a great success on Netflix, it has skyrocketed the readership on Kross Komics. It contributes almost 15% of Kross Komics’ monthly downloads, which counts to approximately 15,420 since July 2021.

The monumental presence of the digital sketches is exceptional with wonderful details. A few of the sensational efforts of the 94 episode webtoon are its punchy lines, sketches of the actors, making them instantly recognisable on-screen and bringing their art into performance. This is by far one of the significant webtoons of Kross Komics and is a must-see experience, especially for rom-com readers in India.

Speaking of the attributes for the success of the plotline Mr Hyunwoo Thomas Kim, co-founder and president, Kross Pictures, said, “A Business Proposal has captured the audience’s interest in Asian countries, including India. On social media, viewers praised the show for its fast-paced storytelling and charming ensemble cast. The popularity of the show on Netflix has played a vital part in our success, and we expect more readership in coming months.”


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