Kim Sejeong Wins Best Female Acting-Idol For Her Performance in A Business Proposal

Kim Sejeong’s popularity skyrocketed even more after she starred in the hit series, A Business Proposal.

Kim Sejeong successfully established unmatched chemistry with Ahn Hyo Seop that their drama, A Business Proposal, immediately became a hit despite only having 12 episodes.

The series, which is based on a popular web novel adapted into a webtoon, explores the life of an office employee who goes on a blind date with her company’s CEO. Her best friend asks her to do so,l leading her to hide her identity.

Kim Sejeong plays the role of Shin Ha Ri in the drama, while Ahn Hyo Seop serves as CEO Kim Tae Moo.

After A Business Proposal released its final episode, the idol-turned-actress got her first-ever award for her recent performance.

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Kim Sejeong Wins at the 2022 Brand Customer Loyalty Award

Kim Sejeong has been named as the Best Female Acting-Idol at the recently-wrapped 2022 Brand Customer Loyalty Awards.

She became the only cast member of A Business Proposal to bring home an award from the ceremony. It also marked the second time she won it as she also scored the same award previously for her role in The Uncanny Counter.

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By winning two years in a row through various dramas, Kim Se Jeong proved her acting transformation by becoming part of fantasy and romance series.

This somehow soothed fans, especially since A Business Proposal and its cast members failed to make it to the 2022 Baeksang Arts Awards list of nominees.

Kim Sejeong To Work With Nam Yoon Su, Choi Daniel in New Drama

Kim Sejeong got another chance to show more of herself by joining the official cast list of the upcoming SBS drama, Today’s Webtoon.

The series, which is the Korean remake of the famous Japanese drama Sleepeeer Hit!, will explore the story of former judo athlete On Ma Eum as she joins the webtoon editorial department. As a new employee, she begins to struggle to grow into a true webtoon editor despite the competitive webtoon industry in South Korea.

She will work with Nam Yoon Su and Choi Daniel, who will play the roles of Goo Joon Young and Seok Ji Hyung, respectively.

Today’s Webtoon will reportedly premiere in the second half of 2022.

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