Kim Sejeong Receives Surprise Present From THIS ‘Business Proposal’ Star

From on- to off-screen, Kim Sejeong truly establishes a warm and friendly relationship with her colleagues. This is why there’s no doubt she received a surprise gift from this “Business Proposal” actor while on the set of “Today’s Webtoon.” Who do you think it is?

Keep scrolling to know who sent Kim Sejeong a gift!

Kim Sejeong

(Photo : Kim Sejeong’s Official Instagram)

Lee Deok Hwa Shows Support to Kim Sejeong on Her Upcoming Drama ‘Today’s Webtoon’

Kim Sejeong made an Instagram update where she shared snaps of the coffee truck she received from senior and “Business Proposal” co-star Lee Deok Hwa. The idol-actress looked adorably happy and expressed her gratitude toward “The Red Sleeve” actor in the caption.

“My heart is happy, Ha Ri is loved by Grandpa. I respect you. It was such a happy day.”  

'A Business Proposal' Stills

(Photo : SBS Drama Official)
Lee Deok Hwa and Kim Sejeong | Business Proposal still

In the photos, Kim Sejeong is wearing a blanket to prevent spoilers of her upcoming series “Today’s Webtoon.”

In less than 24 hours, her post surpassed half a million “hearts” and fans showed their excitement to see the latest interaction between the two stars. 

Kim Sejeong

(Photo : Kim Sejeong’s Official Instagram)
Kim Sejeong Receives Surprise Present From THIS ‘Business Proposal’ Star

Kim Sejeong

(Photo : Kim Sejeong’s Official Instagram)
Kim Sejeong Receives Surprise Present From THIS ‘Business Proposal’ Star

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This is not the first time that Sejeong received a coffee truck from a “Business Proposal” co-star. In June, Seol In Ah also sent a coffee truck to Kim Sejeong to show her support.

Kim Sejeong’s ‘Today’s Webtoon’ To Premiere This July

Kim Sejeong is making her small-screen return this July 29 with the romance-comedy drama “Today’s Webtoon.” It marks her comeback drama and second series this year following the success of “Business Proposal” in February. 

The former gugudan member will work with Daniel Choi and Nam Yoon Su. Ahead of its release, the Korean adaptation of the famous Japanese series “Sleepeeer Hit!” 2016 is already receiving much anticipation from K-drama fans.  

'Today's Webtoon' Stills

(Photo : SBS Drama Official)
Kim Sejeong

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“Today’s Webtoon” follows the story of On Ma Eum, a former judo athlete who joins the editorial department of a famous Webtoon company. It will tell her struggles as a new employee to become a professional editor amidst the competitive industry of her chosen field.

Kim Sejeong To Reprise Role in ‘Uncanny Counter’ Season 2

Though she is still filming “Today’s Webtoon,” Kim Sejeong has another booked drama. In June, it was confirmed that OCN’s record-breaking action series “Uncanny Counter” will have its second installment, and the original cast Kim Sejeong, Jo Byung Gyu, Yoo Jun Sang, and Yeom Hye Ran are all returning. 

‘Uncanny Counter’

(Photo : Yu Jun Sang Official Instagram)
‘Uncanny Counter’ Season 2 Confirmed To Have its Original Cast

It has been said that once the stars are already done with their current schedules, “Uncanny Counter” production will proceed with filming. 

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