Kim Min-kyu and Go Bo-gyeol’s drama The Heavenly Idol unveils a riveting poster

On January 20, tvN unveiled the riveting main poster for Kim Min-kyu and Go Bo-gyeol’s upcoming drama The Heavenly Idol.

The upcoming fantasy and romance drama The Heavenly Idol is adapted from the webtoon and web novel Holy Idol penned by Shin Hwa-jin.

The drama presents the story of a high priest named Rembrary whose soul transfers into the body of an idol named Woo Yeon-woo. The latter is a member of the failed idol group Wild Animal.

The riveting poster evokes the curiosity of K-drama fans as to why Go Bo-gyeol is placing a crown on Kim Min-kyu’s head and their dynamic expressions. The poster looks enchantingly designed with flowers both in pink and purple surrounding the actors.

Kim Min-kyu is set to play the character of a high priest while Go Bo-yeol will carry out the role of the No.1 fan of an idol.

Kim Min-kyu will play the character of a priest Rembrary in the upcoming drama The Heavenly Idol


Business Proposal actor Kim Min-kyu is set to play the role of a priest Rembrary who gets trapped inside an idol’s body. Being a priest all his life, he has no clue about singing and dancing, and all he wants to do is find out why and how he got into the idol’s body.

The idol Woo Yeon-woo belongs to a failed idol group Wild Animal and is possessed by the soul of the priest. Kim Min-kyu is responsible for playing the characters of Rembrary and Yeon-woo simultaneously. Meanwhile, actress Go Bo-gyeo is set to essay on the role of Kim Dal.

Kim Dal is described as the number one fan of the K-pop group Wild Animal and especially Woo Yeon-woo. She soon decides to become the manager of the group when her favorite idol starts insisting, in the fifth year of his career, that he is not Yeon-woo but a high priest Rembrary. Her decision is described as her protecting her idol from the priest who possessed Yeon-woo’s body.

In the newly released main poster, Kim Dal smiles cunningly and is placing a crown atop Rembrary’s head. Rembrary, meanwhile, looks shocked at something. The crown seems to symbolize the success of being an idol and the power of the high priest who can possess anyone’s body.

The poster raises the question of what will be both Yeon-woo and Rembrary’s fates. The drama will also unravel how Kim Dal will lead the two on the right path.

Additionally, the poster’s caption also signals the high priest’s desperation on his unique journey of becoming an idol:

“Dear God, please make me successful as an idol”

tvN also released a trailer for the upcoming fantasy drama where Kim Dal was seen looking sad as her idol kept insisting that he was a priest and not an idol. To save him, she becomes his manager and starts teaching him singing and dancing. She was also seen crying while holding him in her arms.

Kim Dal seems firm in her stance on bringing back her idol, and the priest is doing his best to transform the idol’s body. He is also willing to learn the required skills needed to become an idol. The drama seems interesting to fans as it raises anticipation with its unique storyline and adaption from the webtoon novel.

More about Kim Min-kyu and Go Bo-gyeol

Kim Min-kyu debuted as a model and dreamt of becoming an actor when he was in elementary school. After starring in a number of dramas, he made international recognition and success after starring in the drama Business Proposal. He is well-known for dramas including Because This Is My First Life, Snowdrop, Backstreet Rookie, and many others.

Go Bo-gyeol is one of the rising actresses in the South Korean entertainment industry and debuted in 2011. Since then, she has starred in a number of dramas including Hi Bye, Mama!, Arthdal Chronicles, Go Back Couple, and many others. She is reportedly confirmed to star as the lead in the upcoming drama Death to Snow White.

The upcoming fantasy drama The Heavenly Idol is slated to premiere on February 15, 2023.


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