Kim Min-kyu and Go Bo-gyeol confirmed for a new K-drama based on the webtoon Holy Idol

On November 20, tvN announced that Kim Min-kyu and Go Bo-gyeol were confirmed for a new K-drama based on the webtoon Holy Idol.

The drama is apparently based on the popular web novel Holy Idol. The novel revolves around Priest Rembrary, who finds himself in the unknown body of an idol, Woo Yeon-woo. Woo is a member of the idol group Wild Animal. The popularity of the webtoon is raising anticipation and curiosity among fans.

The drama will unravel the blossoming romance between the main leads, who will be played by Kim Min-kyu and Go Bo-gyeol.

Go Bo-gyeol’s character will be the No.1 fan of Kim Min-kyu

Kim Min-kyu will play the role of a priest who gets trapped inside an idol’s body and can’t find a way out. On the other hand, Go Bo-gyeol will be responsible for playing the manager of the idol group Wild Animal. She is also the No. 1 fan of the same group, especially Woo Yeon-woo, whose body will be possessed by a priest.

Go Bo-yeol’s character Kim Dal initially had only plans to be a fan of the idol group, but in order to protect Woo Yeon-woo from possession, she decided to become the manager of Wild Animal.

Kim Min-kyu is famous for starring in many dramas, including Because This Is My Life, A Business Proposal, and many others. Go Bo-gyeol is known for her work in dramas such as Hi Bye Mama, Arthdal Chronicles, Go Back Couple, and others.

Other actors such as Lee Jang-woo, Tak Jae-Joon, and Ye Ji-woon will also participate in the drama, playing their respective characters. Lee Jang-woo will play the role of a vice chairman named Shin Jo-woon. Shin Jo-woon is the vice chairman of the largest entertainment company in South Korea.

Kim Minkyu, Go Bogyeol, Lee Jangwoo, Tak Jaehoon & Ye Jiwon confirmed to appear in Sacred IdolTvN’s drama is scheduled to premiere in the 1st half of next year.I wonder what’s the official drama title-Sacred Idol,Holy Idol or High Priest Rembrary?🤔#KimMinkyu#KimMingue

Tak Jae-joon plays Sun Woo-shil, a versatile vocalist and Woo Yeo-woo’s senior. He has a hidden hatred for Woo Yeon-woo. This will be Tak Jae-joon’s first appearance on the show in 13 years.

The actress Ye Ji-won is reported to play the role of Lim Sun-ja, the head of Wild Animal’s agency.

The romantic fantasy drama is raising anticipation and curiosity among fans with its unique and interesting storyline.

Fans are excited after the casting news

Fans are excited as this will be Kim Min-kyu’s first drama as the main lead after his appearance in the successful hit series Business Proposal. Elated fans took to Twito share their reactions to the cast line-up and plot of the upcoming drama.

@sonsuggu The title is High Priest Rembrary/Holy Idol, sunbaenim. It is adopted from webtoon and will be aired next year.

HOLY IDOL WILL BE MADE INTO A DRAMA?!!??!! WITH KIM MINGUE AS THE MC??!!!! Gotta pick up the webtoon again…

The rising popularity continue. It’s confirmed. I will star in a drama “The High Priest Rembrary” that adapted from web novel-turned into webtoon tittled “Holy Idol”. A fantasy romance drama that depicts the life of high priest Rembrary who possesses the body of idol.

Fans are waiting for tvN to announce the official title of the webtoon-based drama. They also hope to air it on Netflix so that the drama can gain massive popularity.

The High Priesthood Rembrary webtoon posters & description.It’s also known as Sacred Idol & Holy Idol. Now I’m curious about the official drama title!😊I hope it will also be shown on Netflix, for wider coverage!🙏#KimMinkyu#KimMingue

The drama is reported to be premiering in the first half of 2023.

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