K-Obsessed: Rooting For The Lead, These Second-Lead K-Dramas Will Steal Your Heart

Korean dramas are known for their beautifully written storylines and impeccable acting skills exhibited by their cast. These dramas are often exciting and offer an emotional rollercoaster ride for all lovers of entertainment. However, while the main roles in these dramas are usually captivating and heart-warming, the second lead actors’ characters are not to be ignored. In most Korean dramas, the second lead characters are as compelling and popular as the main leads.  These second Korean dramas have proven to be a massive success among audiences. Here are some of the most popular second-lead Korean dramas:

Start-Up was released in 2020 and became a huge hit because of its unique storyline characters and message. It tells the story of four young people pursuing their entrepreneurial dreams in a South Korean Silicon Valley. Kim Seon-ho who played the role of the second lead in Start Up is one of the hot Korean actors giving us major second lead syndrome in the K-drama hit. In the drama, Kim Seon Ho played Han Ji pyeong, a team leader at SH Venture Capital and a personal mentor to Samsan Tech and Seo Dal-mi. In the drama, he perfectly embodied the part of a decent and hard-working boy. 

2. Kim Min-kyu In ‘Business Proposal’ 

Kim Min-kyu was a major reason for the success of the ‘Business Proposal’. He brought the character of Cha Sung-hoon to life in a way that was both charming and heartwarming. With the release of ‘Business Proposal’ in 2022 he gained huge popularity especially from the international audience thanks to his role in ‘Business Proposal’. He is now one of the most sought-after actors in South Korea. Kim Min-kyu was able to perfectly portray the character of Cha Sung-hoon, a perfect and handsome secretary who is also kind, and caring. He was able to bring out the character’s humour, and romance in a way that made viewers root for him.

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3. Bae In hyuk In ‘My Roommate Is A Gumiho’

‘My Roommate Is a Gumiho’ is a romantic comedy-drama starring Jang Ki-yong and Lee Hye-ri in the lead role. The series tells the story of a 999-year-old nine-tailed fox who is about to become human when a college student mistakenly swallows his fox bead. Further in the story, in her college, she meets the popular boy Gye Sun-woo (role played by Bae In hyuk). However, he eventually falls in love with her for her kind heart and her love of life. As the story unfolds the way his character develops and his respect for her makes him a tough competition for the gumiho. He is a rich and handsome boy who is attracted to the female lead of the drama. (Korean Dramas With Badass Female Leads That We Love Watching)

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4. Jung Hae-in In ‘While You Were Sleeping’

Jung Hae-in played the second lead in the Korean drama ‘While You Were Sleeping’ in 2017. The drama is a fantasy thriller that tells the story of a young woman with psychic abilities who meets the prosecutor working on her criminal cases, played by Lee Jong-suk. Jung Hae-in played the character Han Woo-tak, a police officer working with the prosecutor. Although Han Woo-tak’s character did not have a significant romantic storyline, his charming personality, and stunning looks made him a fan favourite throughout the drama.


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