From ‘Business Proposal’ To ‘What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim’

Hot And Steamy K-Dramas To Watch: From 'Business Proposal' To 'What's Wrong With Secretary Kim'

If you believe Korean dramas are only romantic comedies, then we would like to burst your bubble. There are countless K-dramas spanning different genres, ranging from suspenseful thrillers, fantasy, horror and crime to sexy and sensual dramas. You can pick anything from the wide range of dramas.

And if you are planning a date with your bae, then what’s better than indulging in some sexy Korean dramas with your partner? We suggest checking out our list of K-dramas where the male lead kisses the female lead before the 12th episode. For those of you interested in romantic K-dramas with a bit of spice, this list is definitely worth considering.

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#1. A Witch’s Love

A wtich's love

The drama, A Witch’s Love showcases Uhm Jung Hwa as the lead woman, ‘Ban Ji Yeon’, a confident and mature 39-year-old. When she meets the charming 25-year-old lead man, ‘Yoon Dong Ha,’ portrayed by Park Seo Joon, her perception of love transforms, and she finds herself falling for him.

The drama beautifully tackles the taboo surrounding older women dating younger men. The chemistry between the two main characters is intense and electrifying right from the start. Their light-hearted and entertaining interactions will leave you enchanted. A Witch’s Love is a must-watch if you’re looking for a romantic and sensual drama.

#2. Another Miss Oh

Another Miss Oh

This K-drama centres around ‘Park Do Kyung’, played by Eric Mun, a man who was left at the altar by his fiance, ‘Oh Hae Young’, played by Jeon Hye Bin. When he discovers that she is now engaged to someone else, ‘Do Kyung’ plans to take revenge. However, he soon realizes that he has targeted the wrong woman, it was actually another ‘Miss Oh’ whose life he ruined.

Another Miss Oh

As a result, a love story between the two leads slowly begins to unfold. However, when ‘Do Kyung’ catches ‘Oh Hae Young’ with her ex-fiancé, he becomes upset. This leads to a passionate kissing scene that can make the viewers blush.

#3. Business Proposal

Business Proposal

The K-drama, Business Proposal was widely popular among fans for its captivating storyline of a romantic relationship between the boss and an employee. The second-lead couple also had their own unique charm. One cannot deny that the kiss shared between ‘Shin Ha Ri’ played by Kim Se Jeong and ‘Kang Tae Moo’ played by Ahn Hyo Seop was exceptional. However, another notable kiss in the drama was between ‘Jin Young Seo’ played by Seol In Ah and Tae Moo’s assistant and friend, ‘Cha Sung Hoon’ played by Kim Min Kyu.

Business Proposal

‘Young Seo’ falls for ‘Sung Hoon’, and they share their second kiss, which is even more passionate than their first. ‘Sung Hoon’ expresses his love for her and promises to make it unforgettable. The intensity of their kiss left a lasting impression on the fans, making it one of the most memorable kisses in K-drama history.

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#4. Her Private Life

Her Private Life

In Her Private Life, ‘Sung Deok Mi’ played by Park Min Young, is a curator of an art gallery, and she secretly admires ‘Cha Shi An’ played by Jung Je Won, a popular K-pop idol. However, rumours start to spread that they are dating, causing ‘Cha Shi An’s’ fans to threaten Sung Deok Mi. To protect herself, she pretends to date her boss, ‘Ryan Gold’ portrayed by Kim Jae Wook, who is a retired artist running the gallery.

Her Private Life

Their fake relationship soon blossoms into a real romance as they continue to keep up appearances at work and in public. The show features funny moments, such as when ‘Ryan’ ignores a deliveryman to kiss ‘Deok Mi’ passionately. Her Private Life is a must-watch for K-pop fans, who enjoy a sensual K-drama.

#5. My Secret Romance

My Secret Romance

The main characters in the K-drama, My Secret Romance are ‘Cha Jin Wook’ played by Sung Hoon and ‘Lee Yoo Mi’ played by Song Ji Eun. They meet at a resort in Gangwon-do, where ‘Yoo Mi’ was attending her mother’s wedding, and Jin Wook was working as a porter on his father’s orders. They hit it off immediately and spent the night together.

My Secret Romance

Three years later, ‘Yoo Mi’ starts working as a nutritionist for ‘Jin Wook’s’ company. Initially, the relationship between ‘Jin Wook’ and ‘Yoo Mi’ is strained due to ‘Jin Wook’s’ tough attitude, but as the story progresses, it transforms into a passionate Korean drama filled with love, misunderstandings, and intense emotions.

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#6. Nevertheless


Nevertheless revolves around two individuals who struggle with relationships and have a negative attitude towards love. ‘Park Jae Eon’ played by Song Kang is a well-known flirt who has no interest in committing to a serious relationship, whereas ‘Yu Na Bi’ portrayed by Han So Hee is disillusioned with love due to her traumatic past experiences. Unexpectedly, they decide to enter into a committed relationship and start dating.

Initially, they agreed upon a friends-with-benefits arrangement, but their relationship develops, and they gradually lose their cynicism towards love. The main focus of this sensual K-drama is the tension that arises between them as they wonder if their feelings are reciprocated. ‘Na Bi’ is so devoted to ‘Jae Eon’ that she dreams about him frequently, even in her sleep.

#7. Something In The Rain

Something In The Rain

‘Yoon Jin Ah’ played by Son Ye Jin is a successful 35-year-old single woman, who finds herself falling for the younger brother of her best friend, who has returned from abroad after three years. As they spend more time together and navigate their age difference, their feelings for each other deepen. Eventually, they reveal their relationship to their families and friends.

Something In The Rain

Something In The Rain is a captivating Korean drama that tackles the taboo of younger men dating older women in a refreshing and honest way, adding new dimensions to classic romantic comedy moments like secret hand-holding and strolls in the rain.

#8. The World of the Married

The world of married

The World Of The Married is a captivating K-drama based on the highly acclaimed BBC One series, Doctor Foster. It follows the life of ‘Ji Sun Woo’ portrayed by Kim Hee Ae, a successful psychiatrist who seems to have it all together with her husband, ‘Lee Tae Oh’ played by Park Hae Joon and their son ‘Lee Joon Young’ played by Jeon Ji Seo.

The World of the Married

However, her world is turned upside down when she discovers ‘Tae Oh’s’ affair with the young ‘Yeo Da Kyung’, played by Han So Hee and that her friends have been keeping it a secret. Although it is one of the steamiest dramas out there, The World of the Married is also a tragic tale. The intimate moments between ‘Tae Oh’ and ‘Da Kyung’ are exceptionally well-done and convey the thrill of forbidden desires.

#9. What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim

What's Wrong with Secretary Kim

‘Lee Young Joon’ played by Park Seo Joon is a vice-chairman of a large firm and learns that his highly skilled secretary, ‘Kim Mi So’ portrayed by Park Min Young, is planning to leave after working together for nine years. Determined to keep her by his side, Lee goes to great lengths to ensure that ‘Kim’ stays with him in the future. He arranges a special firework display and gives her thoughtful gifts as a reminder of the good times they’ve shared.

What's Wrong with Secretary Kim

What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim follows a unique love story between a boss and his secretary as they fall in love and heal from their shared traumatic experiences. The tension between them builds as ‘Lee’ delays ‘Kim’s’ departure, leading to some of the most intense K-drama kissing scenes.

Let us know which one you are going to watch from the list above!

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