From Business Proposal To Her Private Life: 4 K-Dramas Where Fake Dating Kindled True Love

If you’re a dedicated K-drama enthusiast, you’re likely aware that storylines featuring fake dating or marriages tend to heat up rather quickly. These plots often lead to sparks flying as the characters pretend to be in love, only to find themselves genuinely falling for each other in the process.

It’s no surprise that these K-drama tropes gain popularity rapidly, demonstrating that audiences have a strong inclination toward series with fake dating narratives. Thankfully, there’s a wealth of K-dramas out there with such engaging storylines. Below, we’ve compiled a list of must-watch K-dramas that incorporate these themes.

1. ‘Love To Hate You’

In ‘Love to Hate You,’ a fiercely competitive attorney named Yeo Mi-ran (played by Kim) can’t stand the idea of losing to men. Meanwhile, Nam Kang-ho (played by Yoo), an A-list actor, has deep-seated trust issues with women. Love means little to them until circumstances push them into a fake dating situation. As they embark on this charade, sparks begin to fly between them. This K-drama, also known as ‘Love Battle,’ is one of the highest-rated fake dating romance series released in 2023. You can watch this K-drama on Netflix. (Netflix October releases)

2. ‘Her Private Life’

In ‘Her Private Life,’ Sung Deok-mi (played by Park) is an art curator who leads a hidden life as a devoted fan of K-pop idol Cha Si An (portrayed by One). When a group of high school students mistakenly attacks Deok-mi, assuming she’s Si An’s secret girlfriend, her boss Ryan Gold (played by Kim) steps in to offer a solution: he volunteers to pretend to be her boyfriend. This delightful romantic comedy, featuring a fake dating plot, is considered one of the finest in its genre. You can watch this K-drama on Netflix.

3. ‘Business Proposal’

In ‘Business Proposal,’ young Shin HaRi (portrayed by Kim SeJeong) learns the hard way that a chaebol heir scorned can be relentless. This lesson comes when she reluctantly agrees to go on a blind date in place of her friend. Furious at the deception, her boss Kang TaeMoo (played by Ahn HyoSeop) demands compensation in the form of a contract relationship to help him evade the blind dates arranged by his grandfather.

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However, as their fake relationship unfolds, they find themselves falling in love, leading to a captivating K-drama (supernatural korean dramas) story that stands out in the realm of Korean dramas. ‘Business Proposal’ is one of the most-watched fake dating K-dramas available on Netflix.

4. ‘Something About 1 Percent’

In ‘Something About 1%,’ Lee Jae In (played by Ha Seok Jin) had all the privileges of growing up in a wealthy family. However, he had one major flaw: he was an arrogant and obnoxious individual. Fed up with his behaviour, Jae In’s grandfather devised a plan to humble him. Despite having no desire to marry, Jae In encounters Kim Da-hyun (portrayed by Jeon), a schoolteacher personally chosen by his grandfather.

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He then proposes a contract to Da-hyun, asking her to be his fake fiancée. Initially, their interactions are rocky, but as time goes on, their hearts begin to soften, leading to a heartwarming romance. You can watch this K-drama on Prime Video.


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