From ‘Business Proposal’ To ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’, 10 Must Watch K-Dramas Of The Year

New Delhi: Thankfully, 2022 had a strong roster of quality K-dramas. There is something for everyone; from feel-good romantic comedies to nail-biting thrillers. In the wake of Squid Game’s popularity, it seems that Korean dramas have won over audiences throughout the globe.

Looking for the best Korean dramas to watch in 2022? Check out our recommendations below:

Little Women

The 1868 book of the same name written by Louisa May Alcott was adapted into the South Korean series – ‘Little Women’. It tells the narrative of three impoverished sisters who are close to one another. It is about their courageous battle against members of Korea’s wealthiest family.

Twenty-Five Twenty-One

The story of Twenty-Five, Twenty-One centres on two persons who first meet when they are 22 and 18 years old. The drama will take you to the delights of youth and friendships. The show’s charming plot really succeeded in winning over the audience’s hearts.

The shocking ending and honest depiction of life and love in Twenty-five Twenty-One also make it a fan favourite.


‘Pachinko’, adapted from Min Jin Lee’s book, is a multigenerational family saga that begins with Kim Sunja and continues through her descendants. A masterwork, the performance depicts the Japanese invasion of Korea and its lingering consequences. ‘Pachinko’, with an A-list ensemble, is one of the most anticipated dramas of the year due to its promising story.

Business Proposal

This romantic comedy stars Ahn Hyo-Seop and Kim Se-Jeong as two coworkers who are set up on a blind date with the CEO of their business while their buddy is out of town. Although they share an office, she cannot let him know her true identity.

Our Blues

‘Our Blues’ was a hit with viewers. Kim Woo Bin and Shin Min A were among the notable actors and actresses that contributed to the drama’s success. The series as a whole is brilliantly written, with a strong emphasis on romantic relationships and close friendships that are presented in a dramatic, hilarious, and heartwarming manner. 

This is an endearing and heartfelt series that quietly depicts the lives of ordinary people on Jeju Island.

Ghost Doctor

The South Korean show ‘Ghost Doctor’ is a paranormal medical drama. After being involved in an accident, the soul of a talented but egotistical doctor transfers into the body of his antipode.

Alchemy Of Souls

The story follows a group of young spellcasters as they fall in love, mature, and ultimately triumph over their twisted destinies brought on by the use of a forbidden magic spell called ‘alchemy of souls,’ which allows souls to switch bodies. 

Extraordinary Attorney Woo

Woo Young-Woo (Park Eun-Bin) is the protagonist. He is very bright and suffers from an autism spectrum condition. Woo Young-Woo joins a well-regarded legal practice in Seoul. Despite the bias and irrationality, she encounters on the job, she is able to solve issues using her own distinct viewpoint, allowing her to develop professionally.

Big Mouth

This Lee Jong-Big suk’s drama marks his long-awaited comeback to South Korean television after serving in the military. The protagonist of this noir drama is a low-level attorney who, after being put in charge of a murder investigation, resorts to the tactics of a con artist known only as “Big Mouth.” 

All Of Us Are Dead

A zombie epidemic breaks out at a high school. Sounds fascinating, isn’t it? This Netflix series is an adaptation of the famous webtoon. It’s entertaining for those who like unnerving dramas.


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