Filipino film Broken Blooms mentions BTS SUGA in the trailer

The K-pop community is abuzz with the news of Filipino film Broken Blooms mentioning BTS SUGA in the trailer, which was released on November 20.

The movie features several top-notch actors, including Jeric Gonzales, Royce Cabrera, and Therese Malvar. The film is reported to premiere on December 14, 2022.

Broken Blooms tells the story of two love birds who fell in love when the world was in lockdown during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.


In the trailer, one of the actors mentioned the name of the idol in a scene, which also featured many posters of BTS.

Referring to the idol, the character said:

“You keep saying SUGA, SUGA! There are more pictures of these Korean men than our own!”

Fans’ rooms tend to decorate their walls with posters of BTS and talk a lot about them, to the point that even their families become aware of the group’s existence.

Broken Blooms trailer mentions SUGA’s name, raises anticipation about its storyline

When the actor mentioned the idol in the trailer, it increased the anticipation and curiosity among the fans regarding the storyline.

It’s not uncommon to see the boy group cameo in different international and domestic shows. They have also made appearances of similar kind in other dramas, including My Liberation Diary, Love All Play, Business Proposal, and many others.

SUGA recently expressed how proud he is of Jungkook for performing at the FIFA World Cup and even mentioned that the Golden Maknae is all grown up now.

Once again, ARMYs are ecstatic with the cameo and didn’t hesitate in expressing their joy when SUGA was mentioned in the trailer:

INFO | @BTS_twt #슈가 #SUGA fue mencionado en “Broken Blooms”, un tráiler de una película filipina:”¡Sigues (diciendo) SUGA, SUGA!¡Hay más fotos de estos hombres coreanos que las nuestras!”.©dSUGA_1993-Yoonie 🐱

SUGA’s name has been mentioned in an Indonesian movie trailer “Broken Blooms”.”SUGA, SUGA, they have no connection here…Those Korean men have more pictures on this wall…”#SUGA #AgustD #슈가

— Min Yoongi fue mencionado en el tráiler de la película “Broken Blooms”.🧑🏻: Sigues diciendo SUGA, SUGA..!🧑🏻: Tienes mas fotos de esos Coreanos en la pared que nuestras👧🏻: BTS no tiene nada que ver…@BTS_twt #SUGA #BTS

Broken Blooms’ cast and other details

Broken Blooms showcases how love can happen at any time. It takes viewers through a journey of unconditional love during the pandemic period.

The director, Louie Ignacio, firmly believes that the audience will be able to resonate with the film. The cast also attended the 8th Brasilia International Film Festival held in Brazil to receive the Speocla Jury Award.

Director Louie Ignacio (Image via the 8th Brasilia International Film Festival)
Director Louie Ignacio (Image via the 8th Brasilia International Film Festival)

During a Thanksgiving press conference event held at the Manila Hotel’s cafe, he mentioned:

“In their (characters) poor community, life is filled with so many difficulties. But solidarity and warmth among members are evident. And that is what makes the film universal, that is what makes the film resonate with audiences across the globe.”

The casting includes some incredible actors, including Therese Malvar, Jeric Gonzales, Jaclyn Jose, and Royce Cabrera. The phenomenal actors and engrossing storytelling helped the film win several awards at international film festivals.

The film, penned by Ralston Gonzales Jover, bagged two awards from a film festival held in India called Mokikho IFF. The Mokho International Film Festival awarded Gonzales as the Best Actor in an Indie Film and Malvar as the Best Actress. The movie was also awarded the Best Narrative Feature Film.

As SUGA prepares to enlist in the military by March next year, fans are getting ready to bid goodbye to the idol with a heavy heart.

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