Celebrity Cameos: Which Business Proposal Actor and Kpop Singer Brought More Excitement to the Netflix Kdrama?

Celebrity (2023), Netflix’s recently released Korean drama has caught much attention. It is a murder thriller based on influencer culture and how ugly and brutal the competition can get. The series sheds light on the fake side of these influencers who present themselves as kind and classy. But most of the time, these ladies are involved in catfights, drama and scandals. The star cast includes Park Gyu-young, King Min-hyuk, Lee Chung-ah, Lee Dong-gun, and Jun Hyo-seong. (major spoilers ahead)

The Kdrama on Netflix has 12 episodes, with approximately 45-50 minutes of runtime. The series shows Seo Ah-ri’s (Gyu-young) rise from a commoner to a top influencer. However, at the end of episode 1, it is revealed that Ah-ri is dead. Hence, everyone is shocked to see an Instagram Live in which she decides to expose the lies and reveal the truth about the E-celebrity world and everything that happened to her. The series takes us back and forth, giving us an idea of how things went wrong. So how did Ah-ri return from the dead, and who killed her? We learn everything.

Kdrama Celebrity Cameos

Despite having some silly episodes of these ladies showing off every time, the mystery keeps glued to the screen. Along with the suspense, the series also astounds us with cameos. The first cameo in Celebrity Episode 4, titled ‘#letsconnect’, is by actress Seol In-ah. The actress made everyone fall in love with her performance not so long ago in Kdramas like Business Proposal and Oasis.

In Celebrity Kdrama on Netflix, Seol In-ah plays the role of a Korean actress named Song Yeon-woo. In the episode, In-ah enters as Yeon-woo for a big party. At the party, she meets other influencers but is happiest to see Seo Ah-ri in person finally. Other influencers are not happy to see the actress’ admiration for Ah-ri. The duo also click a selfie together.

Celebrity Cameos 1

It is revealed that Yeon-woo wants to renew her contract with Han Jun-kyung’s beauty company. Jun-kyung and Ah-ri have a public image as a power couple. So Yeon-woo’s intention of getting to know Ah-ri was only to remain in the good books of Jun-kyung.

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Another Celebrity Cameo is what got the fans even more excited. It is none other than Kpop Band 2PM’s main vocalist, Lee Jun-ho. As the show ends, A-ri states she no longer wants to be an influencer. At Seon-yeong’s house, Shi-hyeon shows A-ri an Instagram profile set up by fans in her support after she was declared dead. A-ri, however, is adamant that she does not want to be an e-celeb anymore and leaves the tablet on the desk.

Celebrity Cameos 2

In the final scene, the cleaning service appears at Seon-yeong’s residence. While seeing Seo A-ri’s support page on the iPad, one of the men smiles. Singer Lee Jun-ho plays the cleaning man. He has no dialogue. But his smile will melt many hearts. The singer-actor is also a part of newly released Kdrama, King the Land.

Well, these two cameos will give you another reason to binge on the new Korean Drama on Netflix.

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