Business Proposal Star Kim Sejeong Expresses How Much Of A Fangirl She Is Of IU But Reveals “I Don’t Have Intentions Of Getting Close To Her” & We Can Totally Relate To Her!

Kim Sejeong Shares Why She Doesn't Want To Get Close To IU & We Feel Her
Kim Sejeong Is A Huge Fan Of IU But Doesn’t Want To Get Close To Her For A Reason & We Can Totally Relate To Her ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

Kim Sejeong has become a household name after featuring in the popular K-drama Business Proposal along with Ahn Hyo Seop. Currently, Sejeong is basking in the success of her recently aired drama, The Uncanny Encounter 2, but that’s not it. Kim had stepped into the Korean entertainment industry not as an actress but as an idol. And now, after 2 long years, she has made a comeback with her new song.

While Kim is sharing her views about her song and her music video, she confessed that she is a huge fan of IU, who is also a popular celebrity in South Korea, and she has two identities, one as an idol and another as an actress. IU is one of the biggest stars and even gets called as ‘idol of idols’.

Even after being such a fangirl, Sejeong explained why she never wanted to meet her. Scroll and read.

Kim Sejeong recently appeared on the radio show Jung Oh’s Song Of Hope with Kim Shin Young. When asked about whom she admired as an idol, Kim didn’t waste any moment to name IU. She even revealed how she had always looked up to her before her pre-debut days. Being in the same industry gave them plenty of chances to meet, but the Business Proposal actress didn’t want to for a reason.

“I really love IU sunbaenim. I think it would be nice to have a meal with her someday, but I don’t have intentions of getting close to her. I’ll be so nervous, and the closer we are, I feel like the more mistakes I will make. I’ve been a true fan of hers since the past. During college, they asked us to choose our role model or the singer we respected, and I chose IU sunbaenim,” said Kim Sejeong and we feel her.

Netizens related to it and shared their opinion on how they would feel if they ever meet their favourite idols. One wrote on Theqoo, “Wow, LOL. I know how that feels haha. I would love to go to my idol’s concert and get their autographs, but eating 1:1 with them and hanging out? I’d hate that. How dare…someone like me…? I just want to have my idol be my idol and not someone I know.”

Another one mentioned, “I know how that feels too. I also got chosen to go to my actor’s fansign, but I didn’t go. I wanted to maintain the distance by myself LOL.”

One of the fans wrote, “I’m like that too. That’s why I’m so fascinated by those fans who go to offline events and act friendly to their idols, because they’re so different from me.”

Well, celebrities also get celebstruck, then. Not only Kim Sejeong, BTS’ Jungkook had also expressed his admiration for IU and even confessed that she is his crush. Haha! IU has quite a fan following!

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