Business Proposal, Shooting Stars and more: Top 5 romance K-Dramas of 2022; VOTE for your favorite

We have had some amazing romance K-Dramas so here’s our curated list of some of the best ones in 2022 :- 

Semantic Error 

Cast: Park Jaechan, Park Seoham

Director: Kim Soo Jung

Writer: Jason

Year of release: 2022

OTT Platform: Rakuten Viki

Semantic Error Rating: 5/5 

The drama follows the lives of two college students trying to make it in their respective worlds but a few mishaps make their lives interlap and they soon fall for each other through various interactions. Chu Sang Woo is a straight A student with strict ideals and routines. He doesn’t change for anyone and maintains his personality no matter who is in front of him. But all that changes when Jang Jae Young comes into his life. Handsome, charming and eccentric, Jang Jae Young is the popular senior on campus and he is loved by many for his friendly personality. These two start off their relationship on the wrong foot and many instances later, their love for work brings them closer than ever- making them realize that there are more feelings involved than they let on. But will their opposing personalities allow them to be in a relationship? 

Business Proposal 

Cast: Kim Sejeong, Ahn Hyo Seop, Kim Min Gue and Seol In Ah

Director: Park Seon Ho

Writer: Han Seol Hee, Hong Bo Hee

Year of release: 2022

OTT Platform: Netflix

Business Proposal Rating: 4.5/5 

It tells the story of Shin Ha Ri, a cheery and fun-loving girl who goes on a blind date with her boss, Kang Tae Moo unknowingly on behalf of her best friend but here is the catch, she transforms into a different person, essentially fooling her boss. Many run ins later, the true identities are revealed and Kang Tae Moo is out for blood but as they spend time together, their true personalities come out and they realize how much similarities they have despite coming from different backgrounds. This is a typical K-Drama love story with false identities, fast-paced romance and even the second leads have an adorable love story. The drama is a breath of fresh air for 2022. 

Shooting Stars 

Cast: Lee Sung Kyung, Kim Young Dae, Yoon Jong Hoon, Lee Jung Shin

Director: Lee Su Hyun

Writer: Choi Young Woo

Year of release: 2022

OTT Platform: Netflix, Rakuten Viki

Shooting Stars Rating: 4/5  

This drama is full of crackhead energy and is the perfect romance comedy drama to watch. The drama is set in a talent agency in South Korea and it talks about the people behind your favorite K-Drama and K-Pop stars and how they struggle to make sure everything is running smoothly for the stars. Oh Han Byul is the head of the PR team and long time frenemy of Gong Tae Sung, a superstar. These two share a tenacious and hilarious relationship filled with childish fights, bickering and more. Soon, they both realize their feelings for each other and begin their love story but there is also a dark plot that brews in the background that presses on issues about malicious rumors, sasaengs (stalker-like fans), pressure in the industry and more. 

Once Upon A Small Town 

Cast: Red Velvet’s Joy, Choo Young Woo, Baek Sung Cheol

Director: Kwon Seok Jang

Writer: Baek Eun Kyung

Year of release: 2022

OTT Platform: Netflix

Once Upon A Small Town Rating: 3/5  

The drama surrounds a Seoul based veterinarian who comes back to his childhood home, his village after coming to know his grandfather was ill, only to find out he was thrust into the job of taking care of the clinic. Initially, he was against the village and the way the villagers would constantly put their nose into everyone’s business, he preferred the bustling lanes of Seoul. He comes across Ahn Ja Young, a policewoman and a beloved person of the village. She takes him under his wing, without his will, and helps to get along with the villagers and find solace in the place. Her friend, Lee Sang Hyun, is a hardworking farmer and is in love with Ahn Ja Young. A love triangle, soothing scenes of nature and a slice of life story- a sweet and simple story. 

Thirty Nine 

Cast: Jeon Mi Do, Son Ye Jin, Kim Ju Hyun

Director: Kim Sang Ho

Writer: Yoo Yung Ah

Year of release: 2022

OTT Platform: Netflix

Thirty Nine Rating: 4/5 

The drama follows the lives of three lifelong friends- Cha Mi Jo, Jung Chan Young and Jang Joo Hee- who experience love, loss and pain as they get closer to 40 years. Cha Mi Jo is a dermatologist while Jung Chan Young is an acting coach and Jang Joo Hee manages a department store. These three friends are so close that they are always seen doing something together and their parents also treat them as their own children. The three of them experience love in different forms but that gives us an understanding of how life is short and we should enjoy it as much as we can before we lose it all. The emotional story coupled with their acting is an impeccable combination.

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