Business Proposal Season Info Release Date, Cast Details, Plot & Everything We Know So Far

Business Proposal Season 2
Business Proposal Season 2

This coming Tuesday, March 22nd, 2022, is the air date for the eighth episode of A Business Proposal. A South Korean drama, SanaeMatseon is a remake of the original romantic comedy. It’s based on a webtoon called “The Office Blind Date,” which was made by HaeHwa. On February 28, 2022, Park Sun-ho helmed this K-drama as its director.

Screenwriters Han Sul-hee and Hong Bo-Hee collaborated on the rom-com series’ writing. The series is produced by Kross Pictures, a production firm. Kang Tae Mu and Shin Ha Ri’s possible connection has been the most prominent plot topic in the recent episodes of the series. Is it finally going to happen, or will it never? Find out what happened in this week’s episode here.

Is Business Proposal Season 2 Happening?

Season 2 of Business Proposal has yet to be announced. SBS TV has yet to confirm a second season of Business Proposal. We’ll have to wait and see.

There’s a significant likelihood that Business Proposal will be getting a second season. The first season of Business Proposal is doing well with viewers.

We’ll update this post with any additional information we receive regarding the upcoming second season of Business Proposal. As a result, make it a point to check back in frequently. Let’s take a look at the Business Proposal second season cast.

Business Proposal Season 1 Plot

In place of her friend Jin Young-seo (Seol In-ah), Shin Ha-ri (Kim Se-jeong) goes on a blind date, which her father had planned. Instead of Young-seo attending the party on her own, Ha-ri is asked to go by Young-seo in order to have Ha-ri “be rejected” by her friend’s potential boyfriend. However, things go awry when Kang Tae-mu (Ahn Hyo-seop), the CEO of the company where Ha-ri works, reveals out to be the prospective partner. After a blind date, Tae-mu intends to marry his date’s fake Jin Young-seo, even though he does not realise she is an employee of his. As soon as Jin Young-seo gets into a parking incident with Cha Sung-hoon (Kim Minkyu), Tae-executive mu’s assistant, who was masquerading as Tae-driver, mu’s her fake identity is discovered.

Tae-mu wants Young-seo to call Ha-ri immediately and asks her for her true name after the fraudulent identity is uncovered. The name Shin Geum-hui (similar to the female protagonist name in a fictional television series that her parents watch) is used by Ha-ri in order to avoid revealing that she is an employee of her boss Shin Ha-ri. To have a date with a suitable match, Tae-grandfather mu’s Kang Da-goo (Lee Deok-hwa) pressures him to go on blind dates, and he forces Ha-ri into claiming to be his fiancée in return for 800,000 won every date. Ha-ri really needs this money to help her financially constrained parents. Fake backgrounds and acting talents are given to Ha-ri by Tae-mu and Sung-hoon in order to create a good impression on the Chairman, but her relationship with Tae-mu is chilly and unpleasant at first.

In the meantime, Young-seo moves out of her father’s house to avoid his demands that she attend blind dates and discovers that she is now Sung-neighbor, hoon’s thanks to a comedic sequence involving a marauding cockroach. While she is drawn to him, he is enraged because she betrayed his boss and lied to him.

Business Proposal Cast

  • Kang Tae-mu, played by Ahn Hyo-seop

The new CEO of Ha-firm ri’s is a handsome chaebol. A recent return to Korea from an abroad position with GO Food’s overseas office followed his graduation from Harvard University.

  • Shin Ha-ri is played by Kim Se-jeong.

First-year food development team member at GO Food. After Yeong-seo, a close friend, requested it, she dresses as a vixen and goes on a blind date with a potential marriage partner.

  • Cha Sung-hoon is played by Kim Min-kyu.

Secretary to Tae-mu and head of GO Food’s employees. He was raised in a GO Food Group-sponsored orphanage. He was raised by President Kang Da-goo as a sibling to Tae-mu. Young-seo, the daughter of a conglomerate, falls in love with him.

  • in the role of young Jin, played by Seol In-ah

Only daughter of the Chairman of the Marine Group, Marine Beauty’s Marketing Team Leader. As a favour to a close friend, she arranged a blind date with Tae-mu in her place. Young-seo has waited patiently for the one person she’s been waiting for her entire life: the man she’s going to marry. Sung-hoon becomes her new best friend.


Episode 1: February 28

Episode 2: March 1

Episode 3: March 7

Episode 4: March 8

Episode 5: March 14

Episode 6: March 15

Episode 7: March 21

Episode 8: March 22

Episode 9: March 28

Episode 10: March 29

Episode 11: April 4

Episode 12: April 5

When Will Episode 8 Release?

K-drama Business Proposal’s 8th episode is scheduled to air in 2022. Every week on Mondays and Tuesdays, new episodes of this show are released in order. This week’s episode 8 is set to be released on Tuesday. The programmes are about 60 minutes long each. With two episodes released each week, the series will have a total of 12 instalments.

What Will Happen in Episode 8?

Each episode, Kang Tae Mu and Shin Ha Ri’s relationship grows stronger. Their future partnership, on the other hand, may be clouded by a number of obstacles. Shin Ha Ri begs Kang Tae Mu not to fire her after learning who she really is, and he graciously accepts her request.

Because of Shin Ha Ri’s financial difficulties, she agreed to take a favour from her affluent best friend, Jin Young Seo. Ha Ri went on a blind date instead of Young Seo, in order to fend off her suitor. Even more unexpectedly, the date turned out to be Kang Tae Mu, Ha Ri’s manager.

When Tae Mu saw the phoney Young Seo, he was enthralled and wanted to continue their relationship. It had been a long time since Ha Ri had broken her mask in an effort to keep her employment. Tae Mu, on the other hand, has forgiven her after the name of the person was eventually disclosed in the most recent episode. Ha Ri, on the other hand, simply sees him as a boss. So, we don’t know if Ha Ri would finally fall in love with Tae Mu, or if he will continue to maintain a one-sided passion for her.

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