Business Proposal Season 2 Release Date: Is It Renewed Or Canceled?

Is there going to be a Business Proposal Season 2 on Netflix?

One of the most popular K-Dramas of 2022, Business Proposal has gathered over a hundred million hours of viewing time. Although Business Proposal is a popular Netflix series, it’s not certain if the show will return for a second season.

Based on the popular webtoon novel, The Office Blind Date, Netflix’s Business Proposal is a South Korean Netflix Original drama series. The show is directed by Park Seon Ho, and Han Sul Hee and Hong-Bo Hee wrote the screenplays for it.

Shin Ha Ri, who has been unmarried for a long time and has had a crush on her buddy for years, is devastated when she hears he has a girlfriend and turns to her friend Jin Young Seo for emotional support. Shin Ha Ri: To her surprise, Ha Ri accepts a blind date from Young Seo on her behalf only to discover that her date is Kang Tae Moo, the CEO of the company she works for.

Business Proposal Season 2 Renewal Status

If A Business Proposal’s distributor SBS and producer Kross Pictures decide to renew the show for a second season on Netflix, it will not be up to the streaming service itself. It’s because A Business Proposal is a licensed foreign original, not a Netflix original.

As a result, A Business Proposal may not be renewed, but Netflix could have a significant impact on any future decisions.

Business Proposal Season 2
Business Proposal Season 2

‘A Business Proposal’ has dominated Netlfix’s global top ten Non-English TV list for the past few weeks. The k-drama was watched for a total of 102,840,000 million hours between February 28th and April 3rd. Because the final two episodes have yet to be aired, the total viewing time will be significantly higher.

Is There A Need For A Second Season Of The Show?

No, the show doesn’t need a second season, despite what some fans may think.

There was a happy ending to the love stories of Ha Ri and Tae Moo, as well as Yeong Seo and Sung Hoon. While the rivalry between Tae Moo’s and Yeong Seo’s families and firms may be used to create tension and drama, it would be pointless because Tae Moo already has the support of his family and Yeong Seo has disassociated herself from her father’s influence.

Season 2 Of Business Proposal Will Focus On What?

Chairman Kang’s deception backfired when the tests he sought discovered a serious problem with his blood vessels, and Tae-moo now wants to fly Chairman Kang to the United States for treatment. Tae-moo invites Ha-ri to accompany him on a trip abroad, but she refuses because of the possible rumors it could generate and the fact that Chairman Kang still does not approve of her relationship with her husband.

It’s been a year since Ha-ri and Yeong-seo started their businesses. After hearing about Tae Moo’s sleaze, Ha-mother Ri becomes enraged and plans to depart for New York. Tae-moo gets out of the taxi as she’s about to get in. To surprise her, he returned to the house earlier than usual.

The cellist’s parents, who do not approve of her connection with an international student, are the source of the issue. Towards the conclusion, Kang approves of their love, and we hope to see their engagement and marriage in the second season. Seeing how the couple handles new obstacles together is sure to be fascinating.

Business Proposal Season 2 Casts

The Business Proposal’s original cast, which includes the actors listed below, should return for Season 2:

  • Kang Tae-mu is played by Ahn Hyo-seop.
  • Shin Ha-ri, played by Kim Se-Jeong
  • Actor: Cha Sunghoon (Kim Min-kyu)
  • He plays the role of Jin Young Seo, portrayed by Seol In Ah
  • In the role of Chairman Kang Da-goo, played by Lee Deok-hwa,
  • In the role of Shin Ha-min, Choi Byung-chan takes the stage.
  • Shin Joong-hae is played by Kim Kwang-kyu in the film.
  • Han Mi-mo
  • In this case, Lee Min-woo is played by Song Won-Seok.
  • Koh Yura, played by Bae Woo-hee
  • He is Yeo Eui-Ju played by Kim Hyun-sook.
  • Gye-bin, played by Lim Ki-hong

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