Business Proposal k-drama and webtoon ending explained

Netflix and SBS’ hit K-drama Business Proposal wrapped up on April 5th after twelve successful episodes. Based on a webtoon, Shin Ha-ri and Tae Moo’s love story made quite a stir on social media since its first episode release. If you are wondering about how k-drama Business Proposal ends and how the ending differs from the webtoon, here’s all you need to know.

Directed by Park Sun-ho, Netflix’s Business Proposal became a massive hit thanks to the strong acting of the lead cast including Kim Sejeong and Ahn Hyo Seop.

Along with the lead cast, the romantic storyline of the supporting cast of Sung Hoon, acted by Kim Mingyu, and Young Seo, played by Seol In-ah received praise for their swoon-worthy screen chemistry.

Ahn Hyo Seop as Tae Moo and Kim Sejeong as Ha-ri in Business Proposal episode 12 (SBS Drama Instagram/ Netflix)

Netflix Business Proposal ending

While the main storyline of k-drama and webtoon Business Proposal is more or less the same, here’s what happens at the end of the k-drama.

At the end of Netflix’s Business Proposal, Tae Moo proposes Ha-ri on a beautiful spring day and of course, she accepts it but playfully says, I’ll think about it.

Chad | Official Teaser | TBS

Young Seo wants to establish herself and she is on her way to opening her own company while getting a lot of help from her supportive boyfriend Sung Hoon.

The k-drama does not show much of Ha-ri’s brother Hamin’s story in the series.

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Business Proposal webtoon ending explained

(contains mild spoilers)

The ending of the Business Proposal webtoon also called The Office Blind Date slightly differs from the k-drama.

As the webtoon is 105 episodes long along with special chapters, it has a more complex storyline.

At the end of the webtoon, Ha-ri’s brother Hamin has also his love story with Young Seo’s cousin Yooju.

Plus, in the webtoon, Hamin will have a crush on Young Seo. On her wedding day with Sung Hoon, he would take an oath to never have a one-sided love story again after going through the heartbreak.

In the webtoon, Ha-ri and Tae Moo also get married as well as Sung Hoon and Young Seo.

The popular webtoon A Business Proposal is written by Guava Farm / Perilla and the quirky artwork is made by Narak. According to the publisher’s site, the webtoon is written based on an original novel by Haehwa.

Read the complete webtoon in English here. Check out the original Korean version here. Check out the trailer of the webtoon below.

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