Business Proposal Episode 11 Recap

Business Proposal Episode 11 is now out on Netflix. The Korean show stars Ahn Hyo-seop as Kang Tae-moo, Kim Se-jeong as Shin Ha-ri, Kim Min-kyu as Cha Sung-hoon, Seol In-ah as Jin Young-seo, Lee Deok-hwa as President Kang Da-goo, Song Won-seok as Lee Min-woo. The latest episode is of 60 minutes approx. The show’s synopsis reads, “In disguise as her friend, Ha-ri shows up to a blind date to scare him away. But plans go awry when he turns out to be her CEO — and makes a proposal.”

Business Proposal Episode 11 Recap Contains Spoilers

The eleventh episode of Business Proposal begins with Ha-ri and Tae-moo’s grandfather discussing the status of Ha-ri and Tae-moo’s relationship. Ha-ri is honest and lets him know about how she went on a blind date instead of Young-seo and when later Tae-moo found out that she was a fake, he asked her to pretend to be his girlfriend so he would not have to go on any blind dates. Tae-moo’s grandfather takes his information offensively and before Ha-ri can reveal that she and Tae-moo are now really in love with each other, he receives a call from Sung-hoo informing him of the Tae-moo tragedy.

Tae-moo’s grandfather dismisses Ha-ri and leaves for the hospital. A worried Ha-ri boards a cab and follows him to the hospital. Seeing Ha-ri at the hospital Tae-moo’s grandfather is annoyed and asks her to leave as he does not want anyone to misinterpret something. He even goes on to accuse Ha-ri of Tae-moo’s accident, which is when a wounded Tae-moo steps in. With an injured arm, Tae-moo is confronted by his grandfather about the fake relationship. Ha-ri sensing the tension in the air takes permission to leave when Tae-moo pulls her close and, confesses to his grandfather that he is, in fact, in love with Shin Ha-ri.

Back in Tae-moo’s hospital room, his grandfather is angry at Sung-hoo for hiding the relationship from him. He is also angry at Tae-moo for pulling the fake-relationship stunt. Tae-moo goes headfirst to share how much he loves Ha-ri and, if it isn’t her, his grandfather shouldn’t expect any great-grandchildren as there is no one he would love as much as Ha-ri.

Meanwhile, Young-seo drives Ha-ri back home and tries to cheer her up when it suddenly starts raining. A worried Ha-ri makes Young-seo pull over and rushes back to the hospital. Right when Tae-moo’s grandfather is about to leave, he sees a soaking Ha-ri walk in as she was worried about Tae-moo due to the rain. The grandfather doesn’t say anything but, we can see him moved by Ha-ri’s gesture. Ha-ri visits Tae-moo in his hospital room where they look outside the window at the rainy city and Tae-moo shares memories from his childhood with Ha-ri. A truly endearing scene to watch.

The two stand by the window and, things turn emotional with time as Tae-moo recounts the accident his parents were in. The two talk and, Ha-ri is beautiful in explaining to Tae-moo how he can never be responsible for his parents’ car crash in the rain. The scene ends with a crying Tae-moo hugging an emotional Ha-ri.

The next day arrives and, we see Ha-ri waking up with Tae-moo on his hospital bed. Ha-ri is clearly embarrassed. She tries her best to not wake Tae-moo up and leaves. She tiptoes into her house but is caught by her mother who assumes that she is leaving for work early. Ha-ri is picked up by Young-seo, who has had her phone and, asks Ha-ri to look at the comments on her and Mi-woo’s nertube video. Turns out in revenge and jealousy Min-woo’s girlfriend had posted a status confirming not only Ha-ri’s seven-year-old crush on Min-woo but, also Ha-ri and Tae-moo’s relationship!

The post on nertube clearly blows out of proportion as Tae-moo’s grandfather has to assign an IT team to remove it off social media. But the flames of the fire have gone up for too long to affect everything. Ms. Yeo informs every on food development team 1 that they will no longer be continuing with the project and, will rather hand it over to teams 2 and 3 and, will be assisting them from hereon.

Ha-ri calls Young-seo to confide in about her misery at work. Yoo-jung watches Young-seo and, asks her to be careful given how her father is, even though she promises to not reveal anything to him for Sung-hoo’s sake. Back at Ha-ri’s workplace, she hides from her co-workers and fellow employees at the company. When other employees talk about Ha-ri being a two-timer, Mr. Gye approaches them and, rebukes them to protect Ha-ri. Ha-ri who hears this all from a distance rushes to her teammates and breaks down after seeing their support for her.

Back at Goobne, Young-seo pulls an odd stunt to protect Ha-ri and, the gossip about her from reaching her parents. Meanwhile, at the hospital, Sung-hoo, who is helping Tae-moo out asks what he plans to do about his grandfather’s decision about Ha-ri. In another place, Ha-ri reveals getting a phone call from Min-woo about the matter. Ha-ri later contemplates what Yoo-ra must have thought about her to go on and say the things that she did.

Later that night, Tae-moo calls Ha-ri from a payphone booth and, they both exchange some romantic words. However, before Tae-moo can pop the question of marriage, the line gets disconnected. He walks back to the hospital, dejected, only to find his grandfather waiting for him. He asks his grandfather why he has decided to send Tae-moo to the States and if it is just to separate him and Ha-ri. His grandfather replies that even if he approves of their relationship, it will be a matter of gossip and Ha-ri won’t even be able to come to work. To this Tae-moo comes up with the solution of marriage. On the other hand, Young-seo’s father turns up to meet Young-seo and Sung-hoo.

The next day at work is harder when Ha-ri gets called by Tae-moo’s grandfather, Chairman Kang at work. He asks her to move to Daejon until the situation dies down but, Ha-ri mentions that it is a distribution centre and has no place for a researcher. The alternative Tae-moo’s grandfather offers is for her to resign. During the same time, Tae-moo gets to know about the scandal going on as he overhears two hospital staff gossiping. He immediately rushes to the office to find Ha-ri nowhere. When he asks his grandfather, he hears about the resignation proposal to which he says he would take full responsibility and resign, instead of Ha-ri.

A worried Tae-moo reaches Goobnee in search of Ha-ri but, is identified by the customers as the owner of the restaurant which sows a doubt of suspicion in the minds of Ha-ri parents. They confront him, calling him Mr. Gye, if he is dating Ha-ri or not. Ha-min corrects them after Tae-moo leaves that he is the president of the Go Food company. Meanwhile, at the dinner with Young-seo’s father, things go far more smoothly than expected and, the segment ends with a proposal from Sung-hoo to Young-seo!

On the other hand, Tae-moo is finally able to contact Ha-ri, who says she is at the N Seoul Tower. The couple spends some loving time together before ending up at Tae-moo’s house, together. They take their relationship to the next level by being intimate, which leaves us audiences hot and heavy.

Business Proposal Episode 11: Final Thoughts

The second last episode of Business Proposal is a ride to be on filled with moments that make you wonder if this story will be a tragedy but, then sweeps in moments of unbelievable passion and romance that make you root for all the couples. This was a fun episode to watch and, see the love grow and cherish between not only Tae-moo and Ha-ri but also, Sung-hoo and Young-seo.

You can watch Business Proposal Episode 11 now on Netflix.

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