Business Proposal, All of Us are Dead, and more

With the year 2022 wrapping up, fans are left with an eventful lineup of the most Googled K-dramas from various genres. Google recently released its Year Search 2022 review where the most Googled K-dramas in South Korea took a spot among several categories. From historical rom-coms to thrillers, a diverse list of dramas has popped up on South Korea’s search list.

Google has grouped the nation’s search interests in several categories like politics, sports, entertainment, etc. The review revealed that the population found themselves most interested in soccer, K-pop, and K-dramas, among other categories that topped South Korea’s list of most Googled items.

From romance to horror, the 10 most Googled K-dramas of 2022 in South Korea

10) Pachinko

The series, adapted from a novel, takes tenth place in the list of most Googled K-dramas. Starring Lee Min-ho and Kim Min-ha, the story revolves around four generations of a Korean family, who migrated to Japan during the Japanese colonization of Korea. Pachinko showcases the struggles of the female protagonist as she navigates life as a discriminated Korean immigrant in an alien land.

#Pachinko is a gripping family saga told over four generations. Tap to explore the family’s roots and branches. ⬇️—4대에 걸친 한인 이민 가족의 이야기를 담은 대하드라마, #파친코. 주인공 가족의 가계도를 살펴보려면 탭하세요. ⬇️

Fans found themselves binging the eight-episode series Pachinko for its captivating plot and incredible filmography. People who had already read the New York bestseller found the series up to the expectations the book had raised, and it became quite the talk of the town for being a riveting historical masterpiece.

9) Our Blues

Starring Kim Woo-bin and Shin Min-a, among a lengthy cast list, the series revolves around the lives of a group of people residing on Jeju Island. As the show progressed throughout its 20 episodes, it displayed a variety of characters and their struggles with issues like depression, teenage pregnancy, etc.

Our Blues gained attention for its soothing filmography and realistic plot that perfectly showcases the inevitable ups and downs of life, ranking it as one of the most Googled K-dramas. It’s also the highest-ranked K-drama in the history of Korean cable television, with most queries made about its OST.

8) Business Proposal

One of the most popular romantic comedies this year was Business Proposal, which secured the eighth spot in the “most Googled K-dramas” list. The sixteen-episode series had its viewers hooked right from the first episode, mesmerizing them with the unmatched chemistry between the two couples.

Business Proposal really gave us everything: ✅ a super rich guy/normal girl pairing✅ a fake relationship contract✅ a scene-stealing second lead couple✅ an archaeopteryx

Starring Ahn Hyo-seop, Kim Se-jeong, Seo In-ah, and Kim Min-kyu, the K-drama takes its viewers through a roller coaster of emotions. From hilarious and comic plot developments to heart-melting chemistry among the leads, the show effortlessly won the hearts of fans, with an average rating of 9.36%.

7) Reborn Rich

An ongoing series, Reborn Rich is based on the novel The Youngest Son of a Conglomerate, and has already been winning fans across the country with just eleven episodes out. Starring Vincenzo’s Song Joong-ki, the story showcases the rebirth of a loyal employee as the youngest son of the conglomerate family.

Reborn Rich Episode 11 Ratings in Nielsen korea (Nationwide & Seoul) Ep 6 – 14.9% & 16.5%Ep 7 – 16.1% & 18%Ep 8 – 19.4% & 21.8%Ep 9 – 17% & 19.5%Ep 10 – 18.3% & 20.5%Ep 11 – 21.1%(+2.8%) & 23.9%(+3.4%)#RebornRichEp11#RebornRich

The story progresses to reveal the revenge plots the main character has developed for the people who caused his death, ranking the show seventh in the list of most Googled K-dramas. Right from the release of its teasers, fans as well as readers of the original book, have been on their toes to watch Song Joong-ki on-screen again.

6) Big Mouth

Starring Lee Jong-suk and Girls Generation’s Im Yoon-ah, the series showcases the unexpected turn of events faced by a low-lying lawyer with a middle-class life. As the character gets entangled in a murder case, the story progresses with him uncovering the truth behind his situation.

Fans were intrigued by the plot and the ending left many astonished, ranking Big Mouth sixth in the list of most Googled K-dramas in 2022.

5) Twenty-Five Twenty-One

The most heart-breaking series of 2022 ranks fifth in the most Googled K-dramas of the year. The sixteen-episode drama had its fans crying and laughing with its realistic and nostalgic story. With an average rating of 9.36%, the show had an unforgetful impact on its viewers.

Already missing the Twenty Five Twenty One squad

Starring Nam Joo-hyuk and Kim Tae-ri, the K-drama chronicled one of the most bittersweet on-screen romances of this year. Fans, who were deeply moved by how the story turned out, labeled the series as a classic from the Korean Entertainment Industry. The show was also quite popular for its captivating OST and unbearable ending.

4) All of Us are Dead

If one were to think that horror thrillers can’t have viewers rooting for love tropes, All of Us are Dead is here to prove them wrong. The twelve-episode K-drama comes fourth in the list of most Googled K-dramas this year, and the plot proves it deserving of the spot.

When a high school in Korea becomes ground zero for a zombie outbreak, the students who are trapped inside must fight their way out. All of Us Are Dead premieres January 28,

Featuring talented young actors Park Solomon, Cho Yi-hyun, Yoon Chan-young, and Park Ji-hoo, the story revolves around a group of high-schoolers who attempt to escape their zombie-infested school. The show takes people through a heartbreaking sequence of events, and fans can’t wait for the second season’s release to have their many questions answered.

3) One Dollar Lawyer

As the name suggests, the series follows the story of a lawyer who only charges one Korean won for his fee. The show, which came third in the list of most Googled K-dramas, did not just impress its viewers but also received considerable praise from people in the Korean film industry. Back in 2015, during its screenplay, the show won the Grand Prize at the SBS Screenplay Contest.

Starring Nam Koong-min and Kim Ji-eun, the show not only had an intriguing plot but also a comedic outplay of events that had fans hooked from the first episode itself. Summing up to twelve episodes, the show has gained an average nationwide viewership of 13%, which is more than a handful.

2) Narcos-Saints

The second show on the list of most Googled K-dramas is based on a real-life incident, which makes the show much more interesting. Narcos-Saints revolves around a simple entrepreneur, Kang In-gu, who finds himself partaking in a secret government mission to catch a Korean drug lord.

The drama attracted many viewers who were intrigued by how the plot would roll out in the end. Interestingly, another issue that has piqued viewers’ curiosity is whether the show is based on a former member of the K-pop girl group Jewelry, named Yewon.

1) Extraordinary Attorney Woo

The series that tops the list of the most Googled K-dramas is Extraordinary Attorney Woo. It showcases the life of an autistic woman as she navigates through her dream of becoming an attorney. The series displays the struggles, insecurities, discrimination, and other hardships that an autistic individual has to face in day-to-day life.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo was good with some definite issues, but overall a solid series. Off to find my next KDrama.

Fans found the representation of the main character commendable, and the show’s efforts to normalize autism were appreciated by them. The incredible acting from Park Eun-bin alongside Kang Tae-oh, Yoon-kyeong Ha, and Kang Ki-young, made the sixteen-episode watch an eventful ride. The show saw a rise in its average nationwide viewership to 10.927%, becoming the second highest-rated show on the ENA channel.

The K-drama industry has once again raised viewers’ expectations with its unique and intriguing plotlines that captivate more and more audiences over time. With the eventful wrap-up it has given this year with a diverse list of most Googled K-dramas, fans simply can’t wait to binge the exciting line-up of K-dramas in 2023.


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