Best Korean Male Actors of 2022: Kang Tae-oh, Song Joong-ki and More!

Korean dramas have taken the world by storm in the last few years. With their rising popularity thanks to their relatable storylines and oftentimes cute romances or shocking thrillers, it makes sense that the shows have gained international popularity.

With these shows come some really talented actors and actresses who make watching them all the more interesting. The actors put all their effort into making your favourite ‘cute’ scene dreamy and romantic. They also have the capability to shock and scare you at the same time.

Thus, keeping these factors in mind, here are some of the best Korean male actors of 2022 who have stolen our hearts in a million different ways!

Best Korean Male Actors of 2022

Kang Tae-oh (Extraordinary Attorney Woo)

Kang Tae-oh has been in some really interesting shows in the past. But Extraordinary Attorney Woo catapulted his popularity to the masses after he played Lee Joon-ho, the cute and sympathetic colleague who falls in love with Woo Young-woo. His expressive eyes and warm smile can steal anyone’s heart!

Apart from this show, he also played Lee Hyun-gyu in Doom at Your Service in 2021 and Lee Young-hwa in Run On in 2020.

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Song Joong-ki and Lee Sung-min (Reborn Rich)

Reborn Rich was a breakout in the Korean drama scene, and with Song Joong-ki and Shin Hyun-bin in one show, it created a frenzy among fans. However, the person who surprised fans was Lee Sung-min and his very natural portrayal of the youngest grandson’s grandfather.

There’s not much to be said about Song Joong-ki, he’s been in some of the best dramas over the years, and he’s been consistently great in every one of them. This series is an addition to the long list of good shows with wonderful portrayals. Joong-ki plays the double role of Hyun-woo and Do-joon in a revenge plot.

Apart from the 2022 release, he’s well-known for Vincenzo (2021) and Descendants of the Sun (2016).
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Lee Jong-suk (Big Mouth)

Lee Jong-suk is one of the biggest names when it comes to the Hallyu stars, and thus, him starring in Big Mouth. The thriller series brought forth Lee’s amazing acting chops that have everyone wrapped around his fingers. The way his expressions shift from happy to sad to menacing is absolutely amazing and will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout.

His other popular shows include Romance is a Bonus Book and While You Were Sleeping.

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Kim Woo-bin (Our Blues)

Woo-bin is a very popular actor, and with his dreamy smile and arresting acting, watching him onscreen is a delight. The actor took a hiatus due to his cancer diagnosis but was back with a bang with Our Blues, a sweet and sensitive look at the lives of ordinary people living in Jeju Islands. It’s cute and breezy, and watching Woo-bin in the show is just the icing on an already tasty cake!

Woo-bin’s School 2013, The Heirs (2013) and Uncontrollably Fond (2016) are some of the most interesting shows.

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Ahn Hyo-seop and Kim Min-kyu (Business Proposal)

Business Proposal is not just a cute show; it gave us two very cute characters who are probably everyone’s dream boyfriends! Ahn Hyo-seop, playing Kang Tae-moo, and Kim Min-kyu as Cha Sung-hoon are adorable and relatable and play completely opposite kinds of people.

While Hyo-seop is hard-headed and cheeky, Sung-hoon is an absolutely cute guy who has an underlying romantic in him. Both portray their characters really sweetly, which makes watching the drama all the more fun.

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Nam Joo-hyuk (Twenty-Five Twenty-One)

Twenty-Five Twenty-One is one of the breakthrough shows of 2022 with some intense sports moments and a crackling enemies-to-friends arc between Na Hee-do and Go Yu-rim. Nam Joo-hyuk’s Yi-jin plays the emotional factor of an otherwise serious drama and becomes Hee-do’s heart that she constantly comes back to in order to ground herself.

Joo-hyuk was excellent in the drama. He was soft, sensitive and mature in his portrayal of a character who struggles with his own life while also caring for Hee-do.

The actor’s other entertaining shows include 2020’s Start-Up and The School Nurse Files and 2016’s Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo.

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Yoon Chan-young (All of Us Are Dead)

All of Us Are Dead was an interesting watch – with a zombie outbreak in the middle of a storyline that also focuses on the fragile lives of people and their justifications for certain decisions; the drama was thrilling, intense and oftentimes extremely emotional.

Chan-young portrayal of Lee Cheong-san, a youngster battling a hoard of blood-thirsty zombies while saving his classmates from a similar fate, not only stole hearts but made the viewers thoroughly invested in the storyline thanks to his very natural acting. You root for Cheong-san in both matters of the heart and saving of the limb.

Get ready to watch the actor in the second season of the drama, coming sometime soon!
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Lee Jun-ho (The Red Sleeve)

The Red Sleeve has been everyone’s favourite this year – a historical drama with love at its core is, of course, always a fan favourite and watching Jun-ho play Yi San just added the romance and charisma to an already juicy show. Jun-ho’s portrayal of the king is probably one of the best things in the show, and he plays the character will ease and passion, making us root for him and his conflicts.

2019’s Confession was an interesting drama for the Jun-ho fans!

 Kim Young-kwang (Somebody)

Somebody was an intense watch. Whether you were for or against Kim Sum, you couldn’t help but be drawn to the murdering psychopath Seong Yun-o. It’s a toxic relationship between the character and the audiences, no doubt, much like that between our leads. The story takes unexpected and thrilling turns, but Young-kwang is what keeps watching this intense and absolutely bonkers show alive!

The actor’s previous show was 2021’s Hello, Me! and 2019’s The Secret Life of My Secretary.
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Ji Chang-wook (The Sound of Magic)

The magical world of The Sound of Magic would probably not have been as enchanting without the man who does the magic – Ji Chang-wook. In a show outlining the difficult lives of children and the situations they have to manoeuvre in order to succeed, Ri Eul makes things a bit more beautiful as he brings warmth and hope to their sombre realities.

Chang-wook plays Ri Eul beautifully, and at some point, you also start to believe that magic might just be real.
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Lee Jae-wook and Hwang Min-hyun (Alchemy of Souls)

Jang Uk and Seo Yul are our two main men in Alchemy of Souls, but most importantly, they are the two main men of our hearts.

Min-hyun portrays the sweet and sensitive Seo Yul with ease – he’s a sweetheart who is both loyal and powerful, and honestly, our hearts melted whenever we saw him being all flustered under duress. On the other hand, Jae-wook’s Jang Uk might look tough from the outside, but as the main lead, he makes sense – reliable, observant, funny and tough but sensitive and romantic when needed.

The second season of the show is streaming right now, so get a taste of our delicious leads ASAP!

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Wi Ha-joon (Little Women)

Little Women is that interesting and thrilling mystery show that keeps you invested from the first minute. With twisty and dark roads for our three ‘little ladies’ to traverse, the show brings forth wonderful storytelling that makes sense in the best ways.

Wi Ha-joon, who plays Choi Do-il in the series, is Oh In-joo’s (Kim Go-eun) romantic interest who, at first, was just so unpredictable that it was attractive. You know what they say about toxic men, you know you shouldn’t give them the light of day, but it’s oh-so difficult to turn away!

Ha-joon’s Do-il kept the cards close to his chest till the end and then broke our and our protagonist’s hearts on the way out. Plus, his chemistry with Go-eun’s In-joo was to die for.

The actor’s last smash hit was Squid Game, where he played undercover cop Hwang Jun-ho.

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Who are your favourites from this list? Tell us in the comments below!


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