‘All Of Us Are Dead’ most searched Korean drama on Google in 2022

EARLY this month, Google revealed the Year in Search 2022, a compilation of lists including trends, news, personalities, shows, and more that Filipinos searched for the year. 

Of course, one of the lists was the Korean series that Filipinos searched for on Google in 2022.

Topping the list is Korean Netflix Original All Of Us Are Dead, which stars Park Solomon, Yoon Chan-young, and Park Ji-hoo. The drama, an adaptation from the webtoon Now at Our School, revolves around a high school which becomes infested with zombies. If you’ve been watching Korean dramas for a while, you’d know that Yoon Chan-young was a child actor who has appeared in Mama, Dr. Romantic and many other shows. For Mama, he was named Best Child Actor in the 2014 MBC Drama Awards. 

I can understand why All Of Us Are Dead became such a hit. It’s the perfect combination of drama, fast-paced action, and even social commentary. It also shows the extent to which someone will exact revenge on a person who has wronged their family member. Of course, many girls watched this show because of Park Solomon. The second season of this show is already in the works.

In second place is Extraordinary Attorney Woo, which is about a woman with autism (Park Eun-bin) and her struggles and triumphs as she navigates through her dream of becoming an attorney.

This series puts the spotlight on Kang Ki-young, who has appeared on many hit series, like What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim, Weightlifting Fairy and Queen for Seven Days. I’m glad that people are now recognizing him for his talent and good looks.

Other Extraordinary Attorney Woo cast standouts are Ha Yoon-kyung, who plays Attorney Woo’s supportive colleague and former schoolmate; Kang Tae-oh, an idol who is the lead character’s love interest; and Joo Jong-hyuk, the ambitious villain whose heart turns out to be in the right place.

This 16-episode drama is very close to my heart because a close family member has autism. Park Eun-bin’s acting is really commendable. I am sure that she studied well before taking on the role.

In third is the romantic comedy Business Proposal starring Ahn Hyo-seop and Kim Se-jeong, who I really adore because she is talented and seems so good-natured. The chemistry of the two leading stars is undeniably good and the second leads Seo In-ah and Kim Min-kyu gave viewers some sizzling moments (sizzling by Korean drama standards).

What I liked about Business Proposal is that Shin Ha-ri, Kim Se-jeong’s character, is not a delicate flower. She tried to be and is an independent woman. She is also good daughter and a hardworking employee. In general, Ha-ri tries to be a kind person and make everyone around her smile.

In fourth place is Alchemy of Souls, which now has its second season showing on Netflix. I didn’t finish this and only got to the second episode. This drama stars Lee Jae-wook, Jung So-min, and Minhyun. It’s the story of an elite warrior trapped in a mortal’s body. 

In fifth place is Twenty-Five Twenty-One starring Nam Joo-hyuk and Kim Tae-ri. This is the drama that broke my heart. I can imagine so many hearts were broken, too. Spoiler ahead: This has a bittersweet ending. You can see it coming but you still hope for the happy (romantic) ending that isn’t handed to you. The drama is beautiful though and definitely worth watching.

Lee Jong-suk returned to the drama arena with Big Mouth, which is not his usual romantic comedy. I always enjoy Lee Jong-suk’s dramas because he’s such a good actor. Here, his costar is Girls Generation’s Lim Yoon-A. In Big Mouth, which lands in sixth place, Lee Jong-suk plays the part of a lawyer who gets caught up in a murder case that threatens his family. The ending of Big Mouth will shock you and leave you thinking.

In seventh place is Our Beloved Summer, which stars Choi Woo-shik and Kim Dam-i. The story switches from past to present and is about ex-lovers who broke up with a promise to never meet. again. Of course, they meet again and their feelings for each other are still complicated. This drama is very Gen Z.

Rounding up eighth, ninth and tenth places are Money Heist: Korea-Joint Economic Era, Shooting Stars and Happiness, which stars Park Hyung-sik, who is one of my favorite Korean actors.

Online content consumption—especially streaming—is the third biggest digital activity of Filipinos after e-commerce and food delivery, according to the latest e-Conomy SEA Report. 

The study showed that 58 percent of Filipinos regularly watch video-on-demand shows and movies. 

The six major economies covered in the Google, Temasek and Bain & Company report are Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. 

“After years of acceleration, digital adoption growth is normalizing,” said the report.

Southeast Asia continues to see growth in the number of Internet users—with 20 million new users added in 2022, raising the total number of users to 460 million. However, that growth is starting to slow, and was just 4 percent in 2022 compared to a year ago. A 10 percent year-on-year increase was seen in 2021 and an 11 percent growth was recorded in 2020, at the height of the pandemic.

E-commerce continues to drive the growth in the region despite the resumption of offline shopping as pandemic lockdowns lifted. Gross merchandise value (GMV) in the sector grew 16 percent to $131 billion in 2022.


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