Alchemy of Souls, Little Women, Business Proposal and more: Highest rated IMDb K-Dramas of 2022

The drama follows a joint response field log between the police who catch criminals and firefighters who catch fires. The police station and the fire station jointly respond to fierce scenes between crime, disasters and emergencies. The first season was released in 2022 and the main actors are Kim Rae Won, Son Ho Jun and Gong Seung Yeon. The comedic timing, chemistry and the serious background stories has a lot of effect on the viewers. 

2. May I Help You (Ratings 8.8/10)

Butler Kim (Lee Jun Young), a man who replaces errands that start at 100 won per day, and Baek Dong Ju (Lee Hye Ri), a funeral director who grants the wishes of the dead, running an errand company. The drama is a slice of life drama meets fantasy and the heartwarming stories make the viewers tear up.

3. Extraordinary Attorney Woo (Ratings 8.7/10)

Extraordinary Attorney Woo tells the story of Woo Young Woo, a lawyer with autism spectrum disorder who is raised by her single father. She grows up with a single friend at school, Dong Geu-ra-mi, an oddball girl who protects her from school bullies. Because of her condition, no one will hire her. However, through a connection of her father’s, she obtains her first job at Hanbada, a large Seoul law firm. Attorney Woo’s intelligence and photographic memory help her to become an excellent lawyer as she is able to recall laws and everything she reads, sees, or hears perfectly. The drama became one of the most popular dramas of 2022 and for good reason- showcasing a person with disabilities as the main character and not just showing her strong but weak moments too. The romance in the drama is heartwarming. 

4.  Alchemy Of Souls (Ratings 8.7/10)

Set in a fictional country called Daeho, the series is about the love and growth of young mages as they overcome their twisted fates due to a forbidden magic spell known as the alchemy of souls, which allows souls to switch bodies. It follows the story of an elite warrior named Nak Su whose soul is accidentally trapped inside the weak body of Mu Deok. She becomes entangled with Jang Uk who is from a noble family, and becomes his servant. The fantasy historical drama became a fan favorite from episode 1! 

5. Twenty-Five, Twenty-One (Ratings 8.6/10)

Twenty-Five, Twenty-One tells a love story between Na Hee Do (Kim Tae Ri) and Baek Yi Jin (Nam Joo Hyuk). Na Hee Do is a member of her high school fencing team. Due to the South Korean financial crisis, the high school fencing team gets disbanded. Getting through all the difficulties, she becomes a member of the saber fencing national team. The sports drama got a lot of fans for the nice storyline and fleshed out characters.

6. Little Women (Ratings 8.5/10)

The series depicts the story of three poor sisters who are close, their involvement in the case of 70 billion won which goes missing, and how they bravely face Korea’s richest family, who are their opponents. Kim Go Eun, Nam Ji Hyun and Park Ji Hoo play the formidable sisters and they play the roles extremely well. 

7. My Liberation Notes (Ratings 8.3/10)

Yeom Chang Hee (Lee Min Ki) is the middle child of the three siblings. He wants to escape from his family’s home in Sanpo Village, but he doesn’t have a dream and just spends his life meaninglessly. He is looked down upon by his family members. Yeom Mi Jeong (Kim Ji Won) is the youngest child of the three siblings. She would like to be liberated from her boring life, but she is introverted and timid. She is lonely and feels unfulfilled in her life. Yeom Gi Jeong (Lee El) is the oldest child of the three siblings. She has a hot temper. She wastes a lot of time commuting to her job in Seoul from Sanpo Village. Her life is filled with complaints and she wants to find love. Mr. Gu (Son Seok Ku) is a mysterious man who suddenly appears in Sanpo Village. He is always drunk. One day, Yeom Mi Jeong approaches him.

8. Business Proposal (Rating 8.1/10) 

Shin Ha Ri (Kim Sejeong) is a single woman and works for a company. She has a male friend and she has held a crush on him for a long time, but she learns that her friend has a girlfriend. Shin Ha Ri feels sad and decides to meet her friend Jin Young Seo, who is a daughter of a chaebol family. Jin Young Seo then asks Shin Ha Ri to take her place on a blind date and even offers some money for her time. Shin Ha Ri accepts her friend’s offer. She goes out on a blind date as Jin Young Seo, while having the intention to get rejected by her date. When she sees her blind date, Shin Ha Ri is dumbfounded. Her blind date is Kang Tae Moo (Ahn Hyo Seop). He is the CEO of the company where she works. The romance comedy drama gained a lot of eyes over the years. 

9. Juvenile Justice (Rating 8/10)

It follows the story of Shim Eun Seok (Kim Hye Soo), an elite judge with a cold and distant personality, who is known for her dislike of juveniles, as she becomes a newly appointed judge of a juvenile court in the Yeonhwa District. There, she breaks customs and administers her own ways of punishing the offenders. She has to deal with and balance her aversion to minor offenders with firm beliefs on justice and punishment as she tackles complex cases while discovering what being an adult truly means. In the beginning, one doesn’t understand her hatred towards juveniles but her backstory makes us realize her heartbreak and loss. 

10. Ghost Doctor (Rating 7.9/10) 

The series revolves around two doctors from extreme backgrounds, who have completely opposite personalities and medical skills: Cha Young Min (Rain) is a genius doctor and a high-skilled cardiothoracic surgeon, but is arrogant and selfish. Go Seung Tak (Kim Bum), who although possesses excellent medical knowledge, is hindered by his fear of blood. One day, Young Min gets involved in an unexpected case, and due to this, his spirit possesses Seung Tak’s body. 

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