Actress and K-pop soloist on career growth, ‘Door’ album

Kim Sejeong‘s star has been rising since her debut in 2016. She’s among the most famous Korean celebrities of the moment, earning accolades as a singer and for starring roles in shows like Netflix’s “Business Proposal” and “The Uncanny Counter.”

On Sept. 4, Sejeong opened the door to her latest era with the release of her first full-length studio album, “Door.” The 11-track offering marks her first music release in two years.

“I’m very thankful that I finally have an opportunity to show me as a singer and be able to perform again,” said Sejeong, 27. “I feel very fortunate about this opportunity.”

Meet Kim Sejeong, Netflix star and solo K-pop musician

Kim Sejeong.

In 2016, Sejeong placed second on reality competition show “Produce 101,” earning a spot on the final lineup of project girl group I.O.I. That group disbanded in 2017, and looking back on her time on the program, Sejeong said she learned “how important it is to be honest and how much work you have to put through to stay in this industry.”


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