‘A Business Proposal,’ ‘Our Blues,’ More Picked as Best K-Series by Drama Editors

As we are down in the last five months of this year, drama editors revealed their best Korean series that occupied the first half of 2022. Starting from “Juvenile Justice,” “A Business Proposal,” to “Our Blues,” let’s unveil the K-series that made it to the list! Keep on reading to see if your favorite K-drama was mentioned.

Thanks to these bunch of K-dramas, viewers and even editors enjoyed most of their days watching various genres from romance, comedy, and suspense, to healing and stories starring some of their favorite stars. The competition for OTT platforms was boosted this year.

‘Our Beloved Summer’ and ‘A Business Proposal’

This 2022, we strated the year with lvoe! Romance series have dominated the first half of 2022 and captivated the viewers’ hearts. Editor Won Hee picked “Our Beloved Summer” and “A Business Proposal” as the best dramas.

'Our Beloved Summer'

(Photo : SBS)

The first series, allowed the audience to feel the summer vibe and the complicated yet adorable stories of young people. Plus, Choi Woo Sik and Kim Da Mi’s chemistry received thumbs up from many.

'A Business Proposal' Stills

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Ahn Hyo Seop, Kim Sejeong

Meanwhile, Kim Sejeong and Ahn Hyo Seop’s “A Business Proposal” became one of the most-watched rom-com dramas at the beginning of 2022. Though it showcased a familiar romance plot, its lead stars made the series extra special. Thanks to their impeccable acting and strong screen presence, the drama was able to gain popularity even outside Korea.

‘The Sound of Magic’ and ‘Through the Darkness’

Unlike romance series, editor Hong Sun enjoyed watching dramas with a touch of mystery and suspense like “Through the Darkness” and “The Sound of Magic.”

'Through the Darkness'

(Photo : SBS)

Kim Nam Gil’s comeback series changed the paradigm of rhetoric drama. Thanks to his brilliant performance combined with the drama’s plot, it perfectly showed the cruelty of crimes that were not well executed in the previous investigative series.

The Sound of Magic Poster

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Apart from the suspense, Ji Chang Wook’s “The Sound of Magic” gave viewers an ecstatic experience. The first musical K-drama on Netflix successfully captivated many. Apart from the exciting musicals and magic, the director did an excellent job of amusing the audience with how the scenes and story went from the beginning to the end.

‘Juvenile Justice’ and ‘Bloody Heart’

For editor Hye Ran, she was mesmerized by two series this year, “Juvenile Justice” and Bloody Heart.” Kim Hye Soo’s legal drama didn’t fail to impress the editor because it came out better than she expected.

Kim Hye Soo Juvenile Justice

(Photo : Kim Hye Soo Official Instagram)

The script was well written and the actors’ performances were all noteworthy as they provided support harmoniously to depict their respective characters.

Bloody Heart

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‘Bloody Heart’ Poster

Though it didn’t start great, lots of editors who loved politics and romance enjoyed Lee Joon and Kang Ha Na’s “Bloody Heart.” The tension of the story and the lead stars’ acting were highlighted in the show.

‘Our Blues’ and ‘My Liberation Notes’

Editors Hyun Jung and Young Joon selected these series as their best dramas including “A Business Proposal” and “Through the Darkness.” But among the mentioned series above, “Our Blues” and “My Liberation Notes” delivered healing to viewers for their heartwarming scripts.

Our Blues Poster

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Young Joon explained that “Our Blues” is a drama that depicts the life of ordinary people. It made viewers realize that these stories from ordinary individuals can still be the greatest comfort to others.

Son Seok Koo

(Photo : JTBC)
“My Liberation Notes” Poster

Meanwhile, for Hyun Jung, “My Liberation Notes” is a work of art that is both realistic and literary. Characters have their own stories, which is why all of them stand out. Editor Hyun Jung was greatly immersed in the story because she could relate to it. According to the editor, it is a work of great power to drive viewers forward.

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Which among these K-dramas are your favorites? Share them with us in the comments!

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