7 must-watch Korean dramas releasing this December 2022 to watch on Netflix, Disney+Hotstar and more that will keep you hooked

The year 2022 has been an exciting one for fans of Korean dramas. It witnessed South Korean star Lee Jong-suk making a comeback after completing his military services in 2019. Fans were also treated to Korean drama superstar Lee Minho’s Pachinko, Ji Chang-wook’s The Sound of Magic, Song Joong-ki’s Reborn Rich, and Seo Yea-ji making a powerful comeback after her controversy with the revenge romance drama, Eve. The year was also peppered with several binge-worthy dramas like Our Beloved Summer, Business Proposal, Little Women, Our Blues, Extraordinary Attorney Woo, Ghost Doctor, among several others. The month of December, too, looks bright for Korean drama lovers with exciting content that promises a memorable year-end. Here are seven Korean dramas that are releasing in December.

Money Heist Korea Part 2 to Connect: 7 must-watch Korean dramas releasing this December 2022 to watch on Netflix, Disney+Hotstar and more that will keep you hooked 

1. Connect – Disney+Hotstar, December 7 

After wowing the audience with his performance in the superhit South Korean spy-thriller, Snowdrop, Jung Hae-in is all set to take the audience on another thrilling ride with Connect. The sci-fi series is directed by celebrated Japanese director, Miike Takashi. Jung Hae-in plays Ha Dong-soo, a humanoid, who is kidnapped by organ harvesters. During the operation to extract Dong-soo’s eyes, he miraculously wakes up and escapes, with one eye still intact. However, strangely, Dong-Soo realises that he can still see from his missing eye, which is used by South Korea’s notorious serial killer, Oh Jin-Seob (played by another popular Korean drama face, Ko Kyoung-Pyo). Armed with determination, Dong-Soo sets out to catch the murderer and regain his eye back. It will be interesting to see Hae-in play yet another fascinating character after his North Korean spy act in Snowdrop, which released earlier this year on the same platform.

2. Unlock My Boss – Viki Rakuten, December 7

Unlock My Boss is a complete package – it has suspense, thrill, revenge, comedy, and sci-fi. The Korean drama stars Park Sung Woong as Kim Sun Joo, the founder and CEO of the country’s largest IT company. He is rich, genius, handsome, and has everything going in his favour (a la Tony Stark anyone?). But, success brings enemies. And, that’s what leads to Sun Joo’s death. However, instead of passing over to the other side, Sun Joo’s spirit decides to live on in the modern world through his smartphone. The fun begins when the phone ends up in the hands of an unemployed university graduate, Park In Sung (Chae Jung Hyeop). And, it becomes more exciting when he becomes the temporary CEO of Sun Joo’s company. The thrill continues when the latter’s secretary, Jung Se Yeon (Seo Eun Soo), joins hands with In Sung to find her boss’s killer.

3. Alchemy of Souls – Netflix, December 10

Korean dramas releasing this December 2022

Set in a fictional world, this historical romantic fantasy won the hearts of the audience with impeccable performances, fabulous cinematography, slow-burn romance and the sizzling chemistry of the protagonists. This fan-favourite in its second season promises a spectacular journey of love and magic as Lee Jae Wook and Go Yoon Jung reprise their roles as Jang Wook and Nak Soo, respectively. The new teaser opens up with action-packed scenes with swords being drawn and a mystery woman appearing next to Jang Wook. The first season saw Jang Wook dying. However, he gets resurrected in the new season using the ice stone.

4. Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area – Netflix, December 9

The Spanish super hit series Money Heist (La casa de papel) got a Korean remake earlier this year with South Korean actor Yoo Ji-tae stepping into the Professor’s shoes. Alvaro Morte played the super-cool schemer or The Professor, in the original series. The first season of the Korean drama focused on North and South Korea reaching a peace agreement for a unified nation, which also involves the printing of new currency. The Professor assembles a team of highly-qualified thieves to rob the new currency. Season two will see the thieves planning their escape as the authorities close in on them. Get ready for yet another nail-biting series as Professor returns with a new mind-boggling master plan.

5. Big Bet – Disney+Hotstar

Veteran South Korean actor, Choi Min-suk makes his television comeback after 26 years with the Disney+ production, Big Bet. He stars alongside My Liberation Notes actor, Son Suk-gu. The Korean drama is helmed by award-winning director Kang Yoon-seong. In Big Bet, Min-suk plays a Filipino man, Cha Moo-sik, working tirelessly to become a casino tycoon. After finally achieving his dream, Moo-sik finds himself staring at a bleak future when he is embroiled in the investigation of a murder. But, Moo-sik isn’t willing to let the new catastrophe slow him down. He is willing to risk it all once again, including his life, to gain back his lost glory and success.

6. The Fabulous – Netflix, December 23

The Fabulous revolves around two individuals and their struggles as they navigate the glitzy and competitive world of the fashion industry. The Korean drama stars Minho, from the popular K-pop band SHINee, and Rookie Cops actress Chae Soo-bin. Minho plays Ji Woo-min, a handsome and talented freelance photo retoucher, and Soo-bin, as Pyo Ji-eun, works as a manager at a PR agency for luxury brands. What adds more to the drama is the two are exes. What happens when these two dedicated and fierce individuals reunite at a fashion show? With a captivating night view of Seoul and an awesome soundtrack, embark on a journey of rekindled love and ambition with Soo-bin and Ji-eun. The Fabulous was initially set to release in the first week of November. However, it was postponed following the Itaewon tragedy that occurred on Halloween in Seoul, South Korea, when hundreds lost their lives in a stampede.

7. The Glory – Netflix, December 30

The Glory boasts powerhouse talents and South Korean superstars like Descendants of the Sun actress Song Hye-kyo and Youth of May actor Lee Do-hyun. It’s a tragic revenge drama that starts with an aspiring high school student (Hye-kyo) harbouring dreams of becoming an architect. However, she has to drop out after being bullied which leaves her scarred for life. Years later, she returns as the homeroom teacher of a class with children of her bullies. And, thus she sets in motion her plan of seeking justice and revenge from her bullies. The show was initially set for a 2023 release but is arriving two days before New Year.


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