19 Best Korean Dramas of 2022: Big Mouth, Alchemy of Souls, Business Proposal and More

2022 is nearing its end and what better way to spend this time than looking back to all the wonderful Kdramas that we have gotten this year! So here’s a list of the best Kdramas that we have had this year that will bring back memories and a wish to rewatch them all once again!

19 Best Korean Dramas of 2022

Business Proposal

Starting this list is a heart-stealer drama that has really got us swooning over it with just 12 episodes! The Kdrama based on a webtoon brings the story of Shin Ha-ri who disguises herself as her friend and shows up on a blind date only to be given the shock of her life when she sees her CEO in front of her.

Directed by Park Seon-ho, the drama stars Ahn Hyo-seop, Kim Se-jeong, Kim Min-kyu, Seol In-ah, and Lee Deok-hwa alongside other cast members.

Watch Business Proposal on Netflix.

Big Mouth

One of the best crime thrillers of this year has to be Big Mouth as Lee Jong-suk and Im Yoon-ha made sure to serve us romance in a plot filled with mystery and curiosity in the best way possible. The show gave us the perfect amount of thrill and become beloved to us all.

Directed by Oh Choong-hwan and stars Lee Jong-suk, Im Yoon-ah (Yoona), Kim Joo-hun, Kwak Dong-yeon and Yang Kyung-won, alongside other cast members.

Watch Big Mouth on Disney+.

Juvenile Justice

Next, we have is a courtroom drama that comes with a gripping plot that we haven’t been able to escape from. The show brings the story of an elite judge who faces the challenge of balancing her hatred for juvenile delinquents and bringing justice to all.

Directed by Hong Jong-chan, the drama stars Kim Hye-soo, Kim Mu-yeol, Lee Sung-min, Lee Jung-eun, and Park Ji-yeon alongside other actors.

Watch Juvenile Justice on Netflix.

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Alchemy of Souls

The fantasy drama that has become the must-watch show this year, Alchemy of Souls has brought a number of emotions to us with a spectacular season 1 and a season 2 that brings us all the answers we need. This drama is definitely a winner this year and a show that cannot be missed.

Directed by Park Joon-hwa and starring Lee Jae-wook, Go Yoon-jung, Hwang Min-hyun, Shin Seung-ho, Yoo Jun-sang, Oh Na-ra and Jo Jae-yoon, alongside other cast members.

Watch Alchemy of Souls on Netflix.

Little Women

With 6 weeks of neverending thrill and revelations, Little Women brought us an experience that remains unforgettable even today. With a wonderful plot, tension-inducing chemistry and a very teasing ending, this show cannot be left out this list.

Directed by Kim Hee-won, the drama stars Kim Go-eun, Nam Ji-hyun, Park Ji-hoo, Wi Ha-joon, alongside other cast members.

Watch Little Women on Netflix.


Crime thrillers have really brought up the intensity of Kdramas this year as they served us plots which captured our hearts for weeks to come, and one such has to be Adamas. This show not only came with an intriguing plot but also brought Ji Sung into a double role which only made this show unforgettable.

Directed by Park Seung-woo the show stars Ji Sung,Seo Ji-hye and Lee Soo-kyung, alongside other cast members.

Watch Adamas on Disney+.

Under the Queen’s Umbrella

This year has definitely brought some good historical dramas to us and among them is Under the Queen’s Umbrella which stole our hearts with the spirited queen Im Hwa-ryeong. The 16 episodes Kdrama brought us a satisfying ending and a story that is still etched in our minds.

Directed by Kim Hyung-shik, the drama stars Kim Hye-soo, Kim Hae-sook, Choi Won-young, Moon Sang-min, and Bae In-hyuk, alongside other cast members.

Watch Under the Queen’s Umbrella on Netflix.

The Sound of Magic

Next, we have a musical fantasy that has won hearts with its beautiful songs and of course- Ji Chang-wook. The Sound of Magic is a webtoon-based drama that filled our year with light and magic that slowly crept into our hearts and made us smile throughout the show.

Directed by Kim Sung-young, the drama stars Ji Chang-wook, Choi Sung-eun, Nam Da-reum, and Hwang In-youp, Kim Bo-yoon, and many others.

Watch The Sound of Magic on Netflix.

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Twenty Five Twenty One

Twenty Five Twenty One is the drama that every single person has heard and it doesn’t matter if you have watched the show or not. This beloved show that came with an unforgettable ending brings the story of dreamers who pursue their ambitions in times when they seem out of reach.

Directed by Jung Ji-hyun the drama stars Kim Tae-ri, Nam Joo-hyuk, Bona and Lee Joo-myung, alongside other cast members.

Watch Twenty Five Twenty One on Netflix.

Curtain Call

The ongoing family drama Curtain Call made its way to this list with its beautiful plot and a cast that is just as amazing. The show has already won hearts with the story that it has shown and brings a new light to the relationships that we form in our lives.

Directed by Yoon Sang-ho, the drama stars Kang Ha-neul, Ha Ji-won, Go Doo-sim, Kwon Sang-woo, Sung Dong-il, and Jung Ji-so, alongside other cast members.

Watch Curtain Call on Viki.


Eve is among the most memorable thriller melodrama of this year and Seo Yea-ji stole the limelight with her amazing performance during the broadcasting of this show, there is no doubt that it deserves a spot on this list. While the ending may not have been what we have hoped for, this show had everything to keep us on our toes and there is no doubt that we loved it.

Directed by Park Bong-sub, the drama stars Seo Yea-ji, Park Byung-eun, Lee Sang-yeob, Yoo Sun, So Hee-jung and Lee Ha-yul, alongside other cast members.

Watch Eve on Viki.

All Of Us Are Dead

Horror has been among the most beloved genres and 2022 could not miss out on this as All Of Us Are Dead made its way with a zombie show that got all horror lover cheering. Bringing the fight or becoming a zombie situation to high-schoolers, this show has definitely been a favourite this year.

Directed by Lee Jae-gyoo, the drama stars Park Ji-hoo, Yoon Chan-young, Lee Yoo-mi and Cho Yi-hyun, alongside other cast members.

Watch All Of Us Are Dead on Netflix.

Reborn Rich

Based on the web novel Jaebeoljip Mangnaeadeul, Reborn Rich is an ongoing Kdrama that is surely putting up tough competition for all the Kdramas this year with its amazing plot and an even better cast. Bringing in a revenge plot with rebirth, this is definitely a show to not miss.

Directed by Jeong Dae-yun, the show stars Song Joong-ki, Lee Sung-min, Shin Hyun-bin, Jo Han-chul, and Kim Nam-hee alongside other cast members.

Watch Reborn Rich on Viki.

Link: Eat Love Kill

Link: Eat Love Kill brings a fantasy romance that is surely not one to forget as it mesmerised us with the wonderful plot that we are yet to get over. Bringing the story of emotions being shared among the protagonists, this is a story that you just can’t miss.

Directed by Hong Jong-chan, the show stars Yeo Jin-goo, Mun Ka-young, Park Bo-kyung, Kwon Hyuk, Kim Ji-young and Ye Soo-jung, alongside other cast members.

Watch Link: Eat Love Kill on Disney+.


While the show prior scared us with zombies, Somebody brought the right amount of spook and thrill with its psychotic love story of two people who shouldn’t be messed with. The dating app murder mystery was a delight to watch as it brought us to the edge of our seats.

Directed by Jung Ji-woo, the drama stars Kim Young-kwang, Kang Hae-lim, Kim Yong-ji, and Kim Soo-yeon, alongside other cast members.

Watch Somebody on Netflix.

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Our Blues

The beautiful stories of different people brought together in this drama have to be among the best watches this year, and with an OST just as beautiful, there is no doubt that Our Blues has made its way into our hearts. Showing the ups and downs faced by people in the many types of love stories, this drama brings a beautiful shade of blue.

Directed by Kim Kyu-tae and features Lee Byung-hun, Shin Min-a, Cha Seung-won, Lee Jung-eun, Han Ji-min, Kim Woo-bin, and Uhm Jung-hwa alongside other cast members.

Watch Our Blues on Netflix.

The First Responders

Bringing together firefighters and police together, The First Responders is a thriller drama that is making sure to end this year just as much amazement as it had started. With the first season still ongoing and the second season already scheduled for 2023, we can say that this drama is among the must-watch this year.

Directed by Shin Kyung-soo, the show stars Kim Rae-won, Son Ho-jun, Gong Seung-yeon, Jung Jin-woo, Lee Jung-hu, Ji Woo, Jung Sang-hoon, and Kang Gi-doong, alongside other cast members.

Watch The First Responders on Disney+.

Today’s Webtoon

From Shin Ha-ri to On Ma-eum, Kim Se-jeong has made sure to make a mark this year as she gave us some amazing works this year. Today’s Webtoon has been a wonderful comedy series to watch and is based on a Japanese Manga named Juhan Shuttai! by Naoko Matsuda.

Directed by Jo Soo-won, the drama stars Kim Se-jeong, Choi Daniel and Nam Yoon-su, alongside other cast members.

Watch Today’s Webtoon on Viki.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo

Surrounded by heavy plots filled with thrill, suspense, injustice and more, Extraordinary Attorney Woo was a light at the end of the tunnel that opens to a world filled with flowers, rainbows and more. This extremely healing drama that comes with a sense of fulfilment is the go-to when you need that smile.

Directed by Yoo In-shik and written by Moon Ji-won, starring Park Eun-bin, Kang Tae-oh, Kang Ki-young, Baek Ji-won, alongside other cast members.

Watch Extraordinary Attorney Woo on Netflix.

Which has been your favourite Kdrama this year? Let us know in the comments below!

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