15 Kdrama OST of 2022 That You Need to Check Out ASAP! Just Watching You, With You, Love Maybe and More

2022 was the year of some amazing Kdramas and came along with these fantastic dramas were OSTs that have stolen our hearts. From Business Proposal, Our Blues, Little Women and more, the shows have brought us some unforgettable tracks that we just can’t stop listening to!

So without further ado, here are 15 Kdramas OST of 2022 that cannot be missed by you!

15 Kdrama OST of 2022

Business Proposal- Love, Maybe

To begin, we have one of the most loved Kdramas in the first half of this year that brought a stream of laughter, love and greed for more. And just like the amazing show, we have the song Love, Maybe that is just as unforgettable as the show! Sung by MeloMance, the lyrics are written by Kim Min-seok.

Listen to the Business Proposal OST here.

Our Blues- With You

When it comes to OSTs, one of the best has to be from Our Blues and who can forget With You giving us a beautiful duo of BTS’ Jimin and Ha Sung-woon. This beautiful track really touches our hearts and renders us unable to move on for some time.

Listen to the Our Blues OST here.

Twenty Five Twenty One- Starlight

While there is no denying that Twenty Five Twenty One was among the best dramas this year, the songs in the show were just as good. Bringing the spirit of youth and hope for the future, the song Starlight sung by NCT’s Taeil brings out the essence of this drama.

Listen to the Twenty Five Twenty One OST here.

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Tomorrow- My Loneliness Calls

My Loneliness Calls from Tomorrow guides a beautiful yet saddening love story on the show and touches our hearts while making us all cry. Sung by Suran, the lyrics of this beautiful song have been written by Jo Dong-hee.

Listen to the Tomorrow OST here.

Tomorrow- My Only One

Tomorrow not only brought an amazing plot but also some beautiful songs and the next on this list is another song from the show – My Only One. Sung by Ben, the heart-touching lyrics have been written by Hang Seung-hoon and Aiming.

Listen to the Tomorrow OST here.

Soundtrack #1- We’ll Shine Brighter Than Any Other Star

We’ll Shine Brighter Than Any Other Star is a song that is perfect for a little walk around the city while your jumpy steps accompany the tunes. Soundtrack #1 is filled with some amazing songs, but this is a song that you cannot miss. Sung by Lee Hi, the lyrics are written by Doko and Lee Ki-hwan.

Listen to the Soundtrack #1 OST here.

The Sound of Magic- Magic in You

Taking you on a journey as you break the binds of adulthood and believe in magic once again, while The Sound of Magic brings joy to you, Magic in You is the best way to feel the magic in just a few minutes. Sung by Ji Chang-wook himself along with Sondia, Ye.Z and Lee Yeseul, the lyrics have been written by Kim Eana.

Listen to The Sound of Magic OST here.

The Sound of Magic- I Mean It

The Sound of Magic is filled with some beautiful tracks and one of them is I Mean It sung by Hwang In-youp and is a track that will steal your heart. With the lyrics written by Kim Eana, the song brings joy to your heart while you play this song on a loop.

Listen to The Sound of Magic OST here.

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Eve- Hold Me Tight

If a mesmerising actor like Seo Yea-ji was not enough, Eve also brought in the song Hold Me Tight to charm us to the next level. Sung by Kim Ye-ji, the lyrics of the song have been written by Ha Geung-young, Lee Su-yeon and Truth.

Listen to the Eve OST here.

Forecasting Love and Weather- Melting

Melting sung and written by Cheeze is the track from Forecasting Love and Weather that is filled with warmth, sweetness and the feeling one gets before confessing to the one you love. A song that is just as beautiful as the drama that you need to check out.

Listen to the Forecasting Love and Weather OST here.

Alchemy of Souls- Scars Leave Beautiful Trace

Scars Leave Beautiful Trace by Car, the Garden is a song accompanied by a beautiful melody and the feeling of gratefulness that will leave you wanting to indulge deeper into the feeling you get while listening to this song. The song has been written by Nam Hye-seung and Janet Suhh.

Listen to the Alchemy of Souls OST here.

Alchemy of Souls- Just Watching You

Just like the drama, the OST of this show is beautiful and next on this list is another song from the show- Just Watching You which is a painful lullaby that will break your heart and also have to keep the song on loop. Sung by Jeong Se-woon, the lyrics have been written by Nam Hye-sung and Kim Kyung-hee.

Listen to the Alchemy of Souls OST here.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo- Inevitable

Inevitable from Extraordinary Attorney Woo brings a heart-pounding moment on the show as well as to the listener of the song while sending the viewers of the show back to the moments when everything changed for attorney Woo. The song is sung by Suzy.

Listen to the Extraordinary Attorney Woo OST here.

Little Women- La Vie

La Vie is the song that reflects the female lead of Little Women the best as she goes through life-threatening situations, making this a song that will accompany you through it all. With a wonderful melody and Sole’s beautiful voice, the song has been written by eSNa.

Listen to the Little Women OST here.

Reborn Rich- Gravity

While it hasn’t been long since the show began, Reborn Rich has already caught our attention with the plot and its track Gravity brings in just as much as power as the show. Take in the energy from this show and the actors, as ATEEZ’s Jongho hits you with this song written by Zeenan, OneTop and J. Season.

Listen to the Reborn Rich OST here.

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