10 Best K-Dramas If You Miss Extraordinary Attorney Woo

Extraordinary Attorney Woo quickly became one of Netflix’s most popular K-dramas. The series gained traction on social media from users imitating the unique greeting protagonist Woo Young-woo and her best friend Dong Geurami shared. Extraordinary Attorney Woo even dominated Netflix’s Weekly Top 10 for six weeks.

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Extraordinary Attorney Woo follows a skilled young attorney named Woo Young-woo, who is on the autism spectrum. She struggles to fit in due to her communication methods, but her photographic memory has proven beneficial in cases. Considering Netflix’s K-dramas are typically one season long, the empty feeling the series left can be filled with plenty of other shows on the streaming service.

10/10 The King’s Affection Also Stars Park Eun-bin

20 episodes

Like Extraordinary Attorney Woo, The King’s Affection also features Park Eun-bin in the lead role. The 2021 series begins with the Crown Princess giving birth to twins in the mid-1400s. However, the royal family forbids a male from sharing a womb with a female, so they order the daughter to die.

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Despite the King’s orders, the Crown Princess secretly hides her daughter outside the palace, believing she was far from the royal family. However, the young girl is now a court maid and shockingly encounters her twin brother. A case of mistaken identity gone wrong forces the girl to disguise herself as the Crown Prince for many years.

20 episodes

The English-language The Good Doctor is actually based on Good Doctor, a 2013 K-Drama series. The 20-episode medical drama follows Park Si-on, played by King of Baking, Kim Takgu actor Joo Won, a pediatrician on the autism spectrum. Like Extraordinary Attorney Woo, both Good Doctor series represent members of the autism community.

Despite being a skilled doctor, Si-on’s emotional condition causes drifts between himself and his colleagues. However, he later falls in love with Yoon-seo, another doctor at the hospital. This plotline is similar to Young-woo and Jun-ho’s love story in Extraordinary Attorney Woo.

8/10 Because This Is My First Life Features A Fake Marriage

16 episodes

Because This is My First Life is a 2017 series starring Jung So-min and Lee Min-ki, his first small screen role in over 10 years. The show follows Yoon Ji-ho, an aspiring show writer struggling to make ends meet.

One day, an introverted computer designer named Nam Se-hee agrees to house her in his apartment at little cost. However, she must fake being married to him to get his family off his back. Things begin to get awkward when one of them catches feelings.

7/10 Long Distance Hurts The Relationship In Twenty-Five Twenty-One

16 episodes

Released in 2022, Twenty-Five Twenty-One begins with a young girl named Kim Min-chae who decides to quit ballet against her mother’s wishes. While living at her grandmother’s house, Min-chae encounters her mother’s diaries from high school, and the stories intrigue her. Her mother, Na Hee-do, is a skilled athlete on her high school’s fencing team.

One day, Min-chae meets Baek Yi-jin, a young man whose family recently went bankrupt and into hiding. However, the long distance puts a strain on their relationship, as Yi-jin has to travel to New York City to cover 9/11.

6/10 Crash Landing On You Is The Highest-Rated TvN Drama

16 episodes

Crash Landing On You is one of the more well-known K-dramas and the highest-rated tvN drama in history. The 16-episode series follows Yoon Se-ri, an incredibly wealthy heiress who lands herself in the Korean Demilitarized Zone after a paragliding accident. Clueless about her location, Se-ri unknowingly travels to North Korea.

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A North Korean soldier named Captain Ri Jeong-hyeok gives her shelter and employs four patrol officers to ensure her safety. However, things get complicated when they begin to develop feelings for one another. In fact, the two lead roles of Crash Landing On You got married following their on-screen love story.

5/10 Business Proposal Features A Bribe For Marriage

12 episodes

The 2022 series Business Proposal begins with Shin Ha-ri attending a blind date in her friend’s place. To Ha-ri’s surprise, her date turns out to be her boss, Kang Tae-moo, the CEO of Go Food. However, he is clueless that she is an employee at his company.

Tae-moo’s grandfather pressures him to get married, so he decides to bribe Ha-ri into acting like she is his fiancée at 800,000 won per date. Struggling to make ends meet, Ha-ri agrees to the deal, but things get a little hairy.

4/10 The Two Protagonists Of What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim Bond Over Trauma

16 episodes

Like Business Proposal, What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim features a too-rich-for-his-own-good male lead protagonist named Lee Young-joon. After nine years as his secretary, Kim Mi-so decides to quit her position, but vice chairman Young-joon is practically hopeless without her help. Therefore, he tries to win her back.

While the vice chairman may seem cold and narcissistic, he and Mi-so eventually bond over their trauma after being kidnapped as children. In complicated K-drama-style, Mi-so believes the boy she was kidnapped with is either Young-joon or his brother.

3/10 Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha Is A Warm-Hearted Watch

16 episodes

Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha’s popularity led to the series becoming one of Netflix’s most popular non-English shows. The K-drama begins with Yoon Hye-jin quitting her dentistry job in a big city and moving to the seaside village of Gongjin to open a dental clinic.

After Hye-jin’s arrival, Hye-jin meets Hong Du-sik, the appointed village chief, who takes part in various jobs throughout Gongjin. Du-sik and Hye-jin constantly run into each other, and she begins to develop romantic feelings for him. However, Hye-jin later discovers Du-sik’s controversial past.

2/10 Descendants Of The Sun’s Ending Utterly Shocks Viewers

16 episodes

Korea Broadcasting Advertising Corporation named Descendants of the Sun the Most Popular Show of 2016. The K-drama follows Yoo Si-jin, a captain of South Korea’s Special Forces Unit, and his friend, Master Sergeant Seo Dae-young. After a case of mistaken identity, Dr. Kang Mo-yeon believes Si-jin is a leader of a local gang.

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After proving his actual position, Si-jin and Mo-yeon start dating, but his frequent classified deployments cause the couple to drift apart. However, the hospital employs Mo-yeon to medically assist soldiers and residents in the fictional country of Uruk, where Si-jin is deployed. However, a dangerous mission threatens the lives of Si-jin and Dae-young before they can get a happy ending with their romantic partners.

1/10 Start-Up Features The Classic K-Drama Love Triangle

16 episodes

The 2020 K-Drama Start-Up features South Korean singer Bae Suzy in the lead role of Seo Dal-mi. After her father’s unexpected death, Dal-mi hopes to follow in his footsteps and become an entrepreneur. To heal from her father’s death, Dal-mi’s grandmother hires a pen pal to act like her friend.

After meeting her alleged pen pal in person, Dal-mi believes he is the same individual she fell in love with. However, he is only posing as the person, considering another man took his name to write the letters. Dal-mi is trapped in the classic love triangle situation, which gets more awkward when Dal-mi and the impostor begin working together.

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